Cathy Lewis is a powerhouse of talents! She is a speaker, facilitator, Civility coach and she even has her own radio show, HearSay. Pretty darn impressive. I first met Cathy at the National Speakers Association of Virginia. Cathy drove up from Norfolk, VA about two hours away to have her Branding Session. Almost a year ago, Cathy came to one of my Headshot Parties and expressed interest in a Branding session. I love when a client wants to do a branding session.

Cathy and I did a lot via phone and texting for her Pre-Branding Consult. On the day of her Branding session, Cathy brought amazing props. She brought two bigs signs that were 4 feet long and barely fit in her car. That was hysterical getting them back in her car after her session! How many people does it take to get props back in a car? 3! In addition to the big, colorful signs, Cathy brought a megaphone, baby blocks, headphone, a book; We also included fresh flowers from the Jolly Good Flower Company. We had a lot of great items to work with. Time management is another of Cathy’s coaching expertise and she brought a Sand timer, an old clock and a digital clock on her iPad. I had the ladder so we also used that to show the progression of time. We even used some negative expressions with plenty of blank space for Cathy to utilize to make her points.

Make sure to catch Cathy’s radio talk show, HearSay if you are in the Virginia Beach area. She has been hosting her show for almost 20 years! Another interesting note is that Cathy was named on the Power List: the 75 most powerful people in the Hampton Roads region and was awarded an honorary doctorate from Virginia Wesleyan College. If that is not impressive enough, Cathy also appeared on PBS New hour, NPR and BBC.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet and photograph such accomplished women. I love supporting their career goals by providing unique and customized branded images. What a treat to be a part of their journey. Cathy has a bank of strong and diverse images she can use for social media, her website, speaking engagements and events.

Credits: Makeup by Holly Beauty Partners | ChicStripes