We had a great day at Cisco in Northern Virginia. We were invited to have a headshot party so the associates could have their profile pictures updated. Holly Byrd Miller (Makeup by Holly) and her partner Danita Loren did everyone’s makeup so they were camera ready. Being camera ready is an essential element of a successful portrait. It was great to meet so many talented Cisco people.

To me, the highlight of the day was lunch time. Cisco had a Lunch n Learn where I was able to secure Beth Hand of Leadership Hand. She spoke to the Connected Women Network about how to be Bold and Brilliant more often. We’ve all had moments of being Bold and Brilliant.  Beth helped everyone reconnect to that moment because of a simple but profound concept rooted in neuroscience “neurons that fire together, wire together.”

Beth did an amazing job and everyone walked out taller. That is what we are all about – empowering women to feel beautiful and confident. We even had a few men get their profile pictures updated too. 

I want to share more information about Beth because she is a remarkable woman. Here is her website: http://www.leadershiphand.com/welcome.htm She is an executive coach and CEO of Leadership Hand LLC serving small, mid-size to Fortune 500 companies, and mission-driven interests worldwide. Beth is the author of the Hidden Stakeholders, Hidden Solutions book series and author of the forthcoming Hidden by Gender: What Women Need to Know to Shine in the Corporate Space and the Marketplace.

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