Dances with Wool owner, Debbie Floyd hired me again in less than a year from her first branding session. Debbie just opened her store, Dances with Wool last October and her boutique is going gangbusters! The Richmond community is hungry for a diverse yarn and wool store.

Dances with Wool offers a strong feeling of community and that is exactly what Debbie wanted to convey with her branding images. I don’t normally put my client’s testimonial in my blog posting but this one is so moving that I decided to share front and center.

I contacted Kim over a year ago to take some pictures to use in advertising for my new business, Dances With Wool, a new yarn boutique in Midlothian, Virginia. The shop was opening later in the year. I really had no idea what I was about to experience!  I opened the door to a new working relationship with a gifted individual who was going to challenge me to go deep into my business plan to pull out words and feelings that would brand my business. At that time, I had no idea what branding even was, much less what it would mean for my business.  What was my color palette?  What did I want people to feel when they walk through my doors, etc?  She asked me to reflect on my vision for my business at a level I was not expecting.  The experience was totally new to me, unexpected, and at times, overwhelming (but ultimately in a good way!).  I worked with her team to pick out a outfits for the session, and even my hair and makeup was deliberately done by her Kim’s amazing team to convey a certain image.  This whole experience began as a blank canvas painted beautifully by its artist.  She thought of everything! I was so pleased with the images from my initial session.  The pictures reflected everything that was important about my business, and I have used those images many times for advertising, on my website, and on social media.  

I opened in October, and once again I called on Kim.  I wanted images inside the store to show how my business is evolving from my initial vision.  Kim understands the direction I’m taking this business.  She came out to the shop for the session, and the images once again reflect the feelings I want to convey.   

It is so easy to put my trust in Kim, because she possesses a great instinct and talent.   As my business evolves, Kim will continue to help me build on that initial branding session.  I consider her an essential member of my small business team who will help keep my brand and vision focused as I move forward.   

Credits: Makeup by Holly Beauty Partners | ChicStripes

Debbie Floyd, Dances with Wool

Debbie Floyd, Dances with Wool

Debbie Floyd, Dances with Wool

Debbie Floyd, Dances with Wool

Debbie Floyd, Dances with Wool

Community Board at Dances with Wool

Debbie Floyd, Dances with Wool

Welcoming customers at Dances with Wool

Making purchases at Dances with Wool

Great community at Dances with Wool

Lucy and Debbie Floyd

Quiet moments with Lucy and Debbie

Conversations with Lucy

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