Healthcare executive, Lauren McDevitt wanted to get branding images for her professional use. Lauren is doing speaking engagements to other healthcare executives and she wants to put her best professional foot forward. 

I use to work in healthcare for 25 years. I enjoyed my time working at the Cleveland Clinic, Henry Ford Health System and locally Bon Secours Richmond. I met Lauren at Bon Secures 10 years ago. We both worked in the marketing department and worked hard to expand our designated services lines. If you told me 10 years ago that I would photograph Lauren and I would tell you that you were crazy! At the time, I was only photographing landscapes and my son. I proudly hung my landscapes in my office and while I wanted to take portraits of people, I didn’t know the art of doing so. 

Lauren is a master at building relationships and bridges. As a healthcare executive, she is patient focused. As a Health Care Reform Hospital System Expert, Lauren improves patient experiences and health outcomes, all the while driving down cost inefficiencies with value based care management across the care continuum. Lauren is a strong healthcare asset.

As a strong healthcare executive, I wanted to show Lauren with a bright, white background to mirror the healthcare theme of white and clean. Doctors wear white lab coats and having a white background was a good healthcare message to send the viewer. Lauren has her executive jacket on and I also wanted to show her as the thought leader that she is. This is done with her red outfit. The red outfit also brings out her gorgeous blue eyes.

Lauren also wanted portraits that showed her fun personality. We did some casual images that conveyed her spunk. Lauren has a neat mixture of being nerdy and outgoing. Overall, she is super smart, beautiful and kind. 

Credits: Makeup by Holly Beauty Partners and L.A. Phipps

| L.A. Phipps for wardrobe