I’ve admired Holly Markhoff’s contemporary mixed media art for many years. Something about her work moves me deeply. I love how elegant, graceful with the touch of unexpected is in each art piece. I was so pleased to rediscover her beautiful art at Crossroads Art Center

Jenni Kirby, Owner of Crossroads Art Center and previous client of mine connected me with Holly. Holly is such a delight and now I appreciate her amazing art even more now that I know her personally. Holly is warm, kind and beautiful person. We met and discussed what I could offer her through my photography. She loved the idea since she didn’t like the existing images of herself and she needed ones that she could be proud of. 

Holly and I talked about her personal brand and what she wanted her images to portray. Holly picked the following words “joyful, depthful, creative, warn, welcoming, kind and contemporary.” Holly has two kids and she puts her family first. While this is great overall, she also was putting herself consistently last which was diminishing her efforts at replenishing her energy. 

Holly decided to really get into this and she went shopping for new clothes and jewelry. She found some great items. Holly realized how long it had been since she went shopping for herself and how she needed some new clothes.

Makeup by Holly did a wonderful job of bringing out Holly’s natural beauty. Holly enjoyed the pampering she received and she was ready to have her portraits taken. 

I was really excited that Holly brought two of her breathtaking art. I just marveled at it and asked her questions about achieving such beauty. Please check out her website at www.hollymarkhoff.com

We had a wonderful time together. We achieved some beautiful images together. Ones that Holly is proud of, ones that she can use for her business brand and ones that she can enjoy personally. 

But what was really exciting was the transformational experience that came afterwards! Holly told me that now she takes time a little more time for herself. Holly even told that she wants to do this every year! Like so many women  Holly said at first she didn’t think she would value having her personalized portraits done but now she says it is better than a spa day because you get to keep the results and enjoy them for years and years! Feeling beautiful and confident has a wonderful trickle effect where others feel your increased self-esteem and self-love.

I am so grateful that I’ve made a wonderful new friend and I hope to collect her inspiring art! And I look forward to taking her portraits in the years to come. It will be fun to look back during these times and reflect on where we were in our lives, how far we’ve come and what are dreams/goals are.