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IDENTITY! Exploring our Humanity

Project Overview and Frequently Asked Questions


Project Summary: IdentityRVA! is a photography project and exhibit that focuses on the humanity of each of us as our fellow human beings. Through it, we are seeking to raise awareness and explore issues around how we are all more alike than we might think despite some of our differences. We have, over the past several months been photographing 11 women who will be part of our inaugural exhibit which launches on May 18 at Crossroads Art Center. In addition to being photographed, Memories Videography has donated their time and resources to videotaping these women to tell their story in their own words. The videos are engaging, powerful, and quite moving.

The exhibit launches May 18 and runs through July 8, 2018 at Crossroads Art Center

Because we’re pretty sure you will have some questions as you consider whether or not to participate in Identity! we’ve come up with this FAQ list.

If I say I’m interested, what’s involved?

First, we’ll ask you to complete a short on-line questionnaire that will ask you some basic questions about your identity. Questions such as: If I couldn’t see you what would you want me to “see” and know? Or, If you could go back in time, what would you want to tell your younger self about the person you are today?

Once we receive a significant number of applications, the project team will determine if you are a good fit for the project (depending on how your profile fits in with those of the other applicants). At that time, we’ll reach out to set a time to talk further about your participation.

If I’m selected to participate what will I be asked to do and how much time will it take?

We will ask you to spend about an hour with the photographer (Kim) and the videographer (to be determined) to be photographed and videotaped. Both Kim and the videographer will work hard to make sure you feel comfortable and to assure you that the purpose is to show you (and your fellow participants) in the most positive light possible. Kim and the videographer may ask you to come into the studio for your session or ask you to allow them to photograph you in more familiar surroundings.

If I’m selected to participate will it cost me anything or will I be compensated for my time?

We are seeking people who want to support the purpose of this project by helping us collectively explore our humanity. There is no compensation for participants and there are no out-of-pocket expenses.

How will my picture be used in conjunction with this project?

All participants will be required to sign a media release form. Photos may be used by the project for marketing and publicity purposes both locally and—should the exhibit grow as we anticipate—nationally.

Who gets to select what pictures to use and who will own the images?

Kim Brundage Photography, in conjunction with her project team, will have the final say on which images will be used and she will retain ownership of the photos and videos to be used in as many ongoing and future exhibits as deemed reasonable.

What questions will you ask me during the video?

The final questions have not yet been developed but they will likely include some version of: “Who are you?” (i.e. I’m a brother, father, husband, lawyer, hiker and Muslim). Or, “When people don’t take time to get to know you, what assumptions do you think they make?”

What if I know someone that I think would like to be included in your project?

We’d love to hear from your friend or colleague! Please put them in touch with Kim Brundage at kim@kimbrundage.com.

Where will the exhibit be displayed?

The project team is currently working on scheduling exhibit venues that include various art galleries, museums, public schools, corporate diversity centers, nonprofit organizations and more. The first exhibit is set for spring of 2018 and will be held at CrossRoads Art Gallery in Richmond.

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