Jenni Kirby is an amazing and dynamic woman! Jenni is passionate about the arts and Richmond, Virgina. Jenni is a key influencer in our state capitol and helped move the art community from being slowly growing to becoming “the” place to be for art! 

Jenni is celebrating her 15th year owning Crossroads Art Center!Crossroads Art Center is 25,000 square feet of 225 diverse artists. Jenni does the marketing/advertising and the artists manage their business. Every other month, Jenni has a big open house on a Friday evening and the community comes out to mingle, enjoy the beautiful art and find the new perfect piece for their home or office. I know my family and I do not like missing these Open Houses and there is always a great turn out and there is always a way to give back to the community and be entertained by a local musician.

This has been a big year for Jenni, as she recently won the Retail Merchant’s Distinguished Retailer of the Year Award. This is a big deal and this is the first time anyone has ever won it in the arts category. Jenni is proud to represent what Crossroads Art Center means to Richmond and also all the past and present artists who have displayed their art there. 

 I approached Jenni last fall about updating her Branding session since it had been around two years. Jenni was game and we met last October on my front porch and mapped out her shot list. Not many people know that Jenni makes mosaic art and I wanted to include her beautiful busts in her Branding Session. We got a lot of fun and playful shots with white blank space so Jenni could fill in whatever text she wanted.

 There is another significant part of Jenni and that is she started BuyRVAart. Jenni wanted a collective place to list all the incredible and diverse art happenings around Richmond. This includes products, services of art and entertainment. Every Monday, Jenni curates and sends out what is happening around Richmond. I’ve heard so many people say they reference this website regularly and look forward to their Monday BuyRVAart emails. If you would like to be added to the mailing list subscribe here:

So lastly, Jenni and I went to Crossroads Art Center for a few on location images. I brought my new Profoto B-1’s for easy on location shooting. We went into the BuyRVAart room and shot away. 

Now Jenni has a significant bank of images because she chose all 30+ images to use for her branding needs. It is important to have professional and strong images to present the world with. You never know who will notice you and want to know more information about your services as they can see that you take your brand seriously. 

Credits: Makeup by Holly; Wardrobe Styling: NeeChic and ChicStripes

Jenni Kirby Branding Session

Jenni Kirby Branding Session

Jenni Kirby Branding Session Jenni Kirby Branding Session Crossroads Art Center Jenni Kirby Branding Session BuyRVAart

Mosaics made by Jenni Kirby

Pretty art necklace on Jenni Kirby

BuyRVAart with Jenni Kirby