I was absolutely tickled to do Laura’s Senior Portraits. About 11 years ago, I moved to Midlothian and soon afterwards Laura’s family did too. We were in a new subdivision and became fast friends. I was just getting into photography and offered to take the Laura and her sister’s portraits. I had the idea of taking their portraits while holding hands while walking in the woods nearby. Laura was 8 and her sister was 6 and I got the shot just when they were walking and the sunlight hit their backs, like a spot light. It is the neatest picture. Her parents love it! We did a big print and it has hung over their fireplace all this time and will continue to do so. It feels good to offer a timeless piece that the whole family enjoys. So when Laura needed her senior portraits taken, it was a real honor & thrill. Laura had her make-up done by “Makeup by Holly” www.makeupbyhollyb.com  Holly does a great job working with seniors and Laura and her mom really liked what Holly did. We picked the Midlothian Mines location as it was close to where Laura grew up. I played with my different lens including the Lens Baby 85 Edge. Laura rocked her session and we even got a little teen attitude from her! Laura is very talented and has a bright future in graphic arts. It will be neat to watch her grow and flourish. KimBrundagePhotography_LGKimBrundagePhotography_LGKimBrundagePhotography_LG