I love a good party ~ don’t you?  A previous client and one of her friends decided to get together and host a networking/update your headshot event. How long has it been since you updated your LinkedIn profile shot?

They each invited their friends to gather at their home and get pampered by the professionals. First, they had their hair styled by Brittany Williams (Beauty by Brittany) and they had their makeup done by Makeup by Holly. Then they had their pictures captured by me. I put each client in a 2 different poses to choose from. I asked them what type of role and company they are in so I could match their personal brand. Some women worked for conservative companies where they need a traditional pose, whereas others were in sales and wanted a more approachable look. All the women ooohed and aweed over each other after having their hair and makeup done.  And then a second time when they were able to see their pictures on my laptop.  Each women picked their favorite image that evening and received their edited version in one week of the event. I bought a new device called Eye-Fi to put into my camera so it could wirelessly communicate to my laptop. That way I could pull up the images immediately after taking their portraits and each client could look at their image bigger than on the back of my camera. The last step was to help them to finalize their favorite.  I heard business tips and beauty tips being exchanged. It was a fun evening with good food, wine and new friends. 

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