Susan Stynes is a real mover and a shaker as they say in the business world. She takes her brand seriously and even considered flying to California to have her Personal Branding portraits done. Susan knows that having high quality images of herself for her website and social media will set herself apart for all of the other Realtors in Central Virgina. 

Susan is a high performer in real estate and established River City Elite Properties. They offer elite services with elite agents and elite properties. She is so busy that she works with James Nay (VP of Operations) pictured in the first image. Between the two of them they deliver first class service to their clients. 

When we did our pre-branding consult, Susan wanted to make sure her images reflected her high standards. She had done a quick Google search and found lots of “cheesy” images of Realtors. I assured her that wasn’t my photography style and we discussed what we could incorporate into her session that was truly reflective of her Personal Brand. We used one of Susan’s many SOLD signs and placed it subtly as part of her background. We included her beautiful flowers from The Jolly Good Flower Company because flowers add warmth to an image. I also provided a strong image with lots of “negative space”  to add her specific interchangeable text. It was funny that Susan grabbed her American Flag sunglasses as she was running out the door. We used those to show her sense of humor, playfulness and fun personality. I love how it translated and how Susan has a very unique image that will be sure to garner an easy conversation starter. Lastly, I included an image with Susan’s glasses and her leaning forward to show her engagement and expertise in her industry. 

We had a great time and now Susan will rock the real estate world with her unique, strong images that will elevate her personal brand even more!

Credits: Makeup by Holly Beauty Partners | Chic Stripes for Wardrobe


Susan Stynes and James

Rivercity Elite Properties Susan Stynes

Playful and fun Susan Stynes

Expert Realtor Susan Stynes

Top Seller Real Estate Agent Susan Stynes

Richmond VA Realtor Susan Stynes