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I’d been following Kim and her work on social media for several months and was always impressed with her work.  When we decided to rebrand our firm and update our website and social media, we hired Kim and her team to help us with our personal branding and all of our photos.  Over the course of a few hours, we turned our law firm into a full-blown studio, with professional lighting and, yes, a make-up station!  Kim’s passion for her work shines through, and her ability to bring out one’s “essence” in a portrait is simply amazing!  I look forward to working with Kim again in the near future and recommend her and her team without hesitation!


One year ago today, I realized I wanted to start to be intentional about to improve my career and my future. I went to one of Kim Brundage’s headshot parties and ended up purchasing two headshots. It was an investment and my first step in taking control of my career and achieving my goals. Five months later, I started a new job in an industry I was very interested in. Four months after that, I received a new position in the same company and moved to Jersey City to work out of our corporate headquarters. I love my job, my coworkers, my management, and my company. I thoroughly enjoy working with my clients to help them achieve their goals in SharePoint and Office 365, and I love to see their success as they partner with me and AvePoint.
These headshots weren’t the reason I was given these career opportunities, but they were the first step in adjusting my perspective and working towards my career goals. I’m grateful every day to live such a blessed life. Of course, I also believe it’s important to have professional, polished photos of yourself on LinkedIn, Skype, etc. I strongly encourage anyone who does not have a professional headshot to invest in one. If you’re in/around Virginia, don’t consider working with anyone but Kim Brundage! #office365 #headshots


After seeing my branding session come to fruition, I could not believe how confident I looked and felt in the images! We always tend to see ourselves differently in the mirror (especially in the mornings). I honestly had low expectations so that I wouldn’t be depressed when I hated how “fat” I looked. So ridiculous! Kim is SO talented. I never questioned her ability to make me shine, but actually believing in myself? That’s the true battle. Hair, makeup, wardrobe, and you’re on your way to the top! I can honestly sit here and tell you that I am in awe of these photos. I truly see myself in a different, more positive light. This experience has changed the way I view my inner and outward beauty for the better. It has definitely increased my confidence, and I believe in myself! I can do anything! I am powerful and successful and beautiful. I will continue to strive to better my mind, body, and soul daily and remind others that WE are in this together!


We needed to update our brand image with today’s business environment, and we are so happy we went with Kim Brundage to help us do that. Kim truly wanted to understand who we are, and our goals to help us communicate that through professional photography. She went above and beyond to make us comfortable with a professional photo shoot, listen to us and help us look our best with the great team she has put together of wardrobe and camera ready make up specialists. If you are looking to update your head shots, images and personal/professional brand, I highly recommend Kim and her tailored, thorough process that will deliver the results you are looking for.


I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Kim Brundage to explore having a branding session done with her. It has been an item on my wish list for quite a long time. I knew the moment we met to discuss the possibility she was the right fit!
I have crafted my business around a core of attention to detail so that every client feels as ease and their story is reflected in any event or interiors project I produce. Kim gets this! She took the time to know my story and make me feel at ease.
Once I arrived at her studio the day of the shoot I leaned into the process and we have a wonderful time . She quickly calmed my nerves and took care to include the details of my story that I wanted to capture.
In this fast paced world we all are living in I must say that taking the time to craft my brand image with Kims expertise has made all the difference in the world. It helped me to get clarity with the other components of my branding strategy and the confidence to move forward with excellent images and an advocate to boot!
I highly recommend Kim Brundage. Her skill set and branding advice is fantastic. I hope that you will join me and engage Kim’s services for your brand!
Please feel free to contact me if you wish to ask any questions of my experience. 804-740-4933


Kim is the consummate professional. She took great care in soliciting my vision for both my Brand and how I appeared in my photos. She surprised me with special touches that left me feeling cared for and pampered. Her team were friendly, helpful and very affirming. She was clear in her commitment to my coming away absolutely thrilled, feeling confident and beautiful. Kim is meticulous in her attention to detail and such a gifted photographer. I have great respect and affection for her and her work. She captured me and my spirit and I’m so grateful for that. xoxo


I believe for all of us, there are those days when the stars and the moon align and we feel on top of the world! There are those unforgettable moments when we just know we are in our ‘best self zone!’ We feel centered and confident, and humbly proud of our businesses, products, goals or accomplishments. Modestly, we also may suspect that we are really looking, well…kinda amazing…and having a dance in our step, ‘wow, I look pretty good day!’ Those are magic moments, when our inner and outer self glows. Now… imagine having a photo snapped, and capturing that dynamic sense of self within a portfolio of bio photos!

THIS is what Kim Brundage Photography does, and what her photo process is about, and what she created for me! Recently, I had a ‘branding session’ with Kim. Her comfortable and uplifting process was in itself a fun experience. During her branding session, she created a portfolio that highlights me within the context of my work, creating a dynamic marketing tool within my bio photos. I now have a portfolio of bio images that I happily look forward to using everywhere! Interestingly, now that I have them, I continue to find more and more places to use them.

Kim’s photo shoot experience is in itself transformative! I arrived at my photo session feeling tired, non photogenic and dreading seeing or having images of myself taken. In a spa like atmosphere, with classical music (my choice!) playing, Kim’s ‘Dream Team’ set the initial look and tone of the photo session, which was uplifting! From Makeup By Holly Beauty Partners, to Chic Stripes for clothing arrangement, to Kim’s kind, calm and fun photo style…Kim, really did kinda made the stars and the moon align. I left my branding session feeling energized and inspired. Two weeks later, I came back to select from the images Kim had created. While, I knew I had loved the photo process, I was even more thrilled to see the me Kim had seen and captured. I am very happy with my images! I can see continuing to highlight my bio and portfolio from growing directions, so I am already looking forward to a future branding session!


I was anxious about having my headshot done.  Anxious about spending the money, anxious about being uncomfortable in front of the camera, and anxious about having my hair and make-up done (seriously … would I even look like “me?”)  Being anxious was a complete waste of energy.  Kim and her team of professionals are amazing.  In the short amount of time they had to get to know me, they really just brought out all the positive things they saw and not the anxiety and self-consciousness that I felt.

Oh my gosh, the results were unbelievable.  Kim showed me the picture on her laptop and my first reaction was “who is that?”  It looked a bit like me only better than I could ever have imagined.  I looked strong and confident, approachable, compassionate and smart. All the things I’d told Kim I wanted people to feel when they saw the picture.

My picture has been a powerful tool for my business.  I’ve loved having a picture that I felt represented me and my work.  And, as a side bonus I learned the power of having my make-up done by a professional and what that means for a picture.  When I had my make-up professionally done for my son’s wedding, the pictures were amazing and the make-up lasted throughout the night.  I’m not sure if I’d known that I needed to do that without having experienced Kim’s team of pros.


Being photographed by Kim Brundage is like becoming Cinderella for the day…..leave your old self behind and enter the magical kingdom……where a wonderful person(don’t know her name) comes to your house and looks through your wardrobe to help you…..find the best and look your best outfits…sometimes creating ensembles that you never even dreamed of…….than the day of you enter the photography castle……where an expert hair and makeup artist…..sprinkle magic and walla you look in the mirror and say whose that princess????so fun all while your listening to the music of your choice……pumped up…..revved up…..the art work begins…..Kim and her wardrobe specialist dress you up for many poses … wear for that bold and savvy look…..leisure for that just bring yourself on a Saturday afternoon look, kicking up your heels….jumping in place for the fun look…..and finally minks, gloves gowns for the sultry sexy look… many looks, so many poses…’s so hard to pick……..and it’s so good you say wow is that me? Kim does a special treat, pics a few great ones , mattes them ready to frame……SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!! A few days before your Personal Branding Session… get a sweet bouquet of flowers to top off your Cinderella experience…..this Personal Branding Portrait session….Rocks!!!!!! So if your ready to do Cinderella…..your personal Cinderella this is the place!!!


Projecting an image of empowered women is crucial in the construction industry. Therefore, photos are a key marketing tool for myself and my collaborative creative partners. Kim and her associates were simply outstanding. During my branding session, I truly FELT all of the very things I wanted to convey…comfortable, confident and competent. Through her photography and personality, Kim took this “jeans and hat” construction girl to the next level of professionalism!


After years of considering what “my brand” is and what that means, Kim and her team made the photo session effortless. It felt more like a celebration of the work I love—coaching others to greater health and teaching yoga. Kim is fun, direct, and focused in her approach to spotlighting clients. The entire team of Kara Waggoner on makeup and hair, to Sydney Lester on wardrobe was on point and so easy to be with! A big thank you as well to Taylor Quinn of Filmspire for the thoughtful, calm video shoot. The final product Kim delivers shows her commitment to the client, a high attention to detail, and the visionary process of helping others discover what service they deliver. After years of considering what “my brand” is and what that means, Kim and her team made the photo session effortless. It felt more like a celebration of the work I love—coaching others to greater health and teaching yoga. Kim is fun, direct, and focused in her approach to spotlighting clients. The entire team of Kara Waggoner on makeup and hair, to Sydney Lester on wardrobe was on point and so easy to be with! A big thank you as well to Taylor Quinn of Filmspire for the thoughtful, calm video shoot. The final product Kim delivers shows her commitment to the client, a high attention to detail, and the visionary process of helping others discover what service they deliver.


Bailey worked so hard to get to where she is today and I wanted to make her senior portraits as special as she is. Kim and her team of professionals made the session a fun, relaxed event – proof is in how many shots where just perfect! Bailey was pampered from the moment we got to Kim’s studio. Her makeup was done with an eye to a natural look while highlighting her best features. We brought A LOT of clothes, but the wardrobe consultant was able to pull together outfits and jewelry that really showcased Bailey’s personality. Kim put Bailey at ease immediately, getting her to talk and laugh during the photo shoot – resulting in such stunning pictures. I absolutely could not be happier with Bailey’s senior pictures and the work that went into making the whole session perfect!


I contacted Kim over a year ago to take some pictures to use in advertising for my new business, Dances With Wool, a new yarn boutique in Midlothian, Virginia. The shop was opening later in the year. I really had no idea what I was about to experience!  I opened the door to a new working relationship with a gifted individual who was going to challenge me to go deep into my business plan to pull out words and feelings that would brand my business. At that time, I had no idea what branding even was, much less what it would mean for my business.  What was my color palette?  What did I want people to feel when they walk through my doors, etc?  She asked me to reflect on my vision for my business at a level I was not expecting.  The experience was totally new to me, unexpected, and at times, overwhelming (but ultimately in a good way!).  I worked with her team to pick out a outfits for the session, and even my hair and makeup was deliberately done by her Kim’s amazing team to convey a certain image.  This whole experience began as a blank canvas painted beautifully by its artist.  She thought of everything! I was so pleased with the images from my initial session.  The pictures reflected everything that was important about my business, and I have used those images many times for advertising, on my website, and on social media.  

I opened in October, and once again I called on Kim.  I wanted images inside the store to show how my business is evolving from my initial vision.  Kim understands the direction I’m taking this business.  She came out to the shop for the session, and the images once again reflect the feelings I want to convey.   

It is so easy to put my trust in Kim, because she possesses a great instinct and talent.   As my business evolves, Kim will continue to help me build on that initial branding session.  I consider her an essential member of my small business team who will help keep my brand and vision focused as I move forward.   


1) Business wise:  The essence of the pictures and how Kim captures your true brand is what impressed me the most. I believe my professional headshot totally reflects who I am yet it also positions me as a strong leader and someone that is confident without being boring.. In other words, when I get comments like “WOW, you look just like your headshot!, and they they say and your personality is what I thought it would be” Well, then I believe Kim captured ME.
2) Personally: This was more than a photo shoot an experience. By having someone to guide you and coach you with what to wear, to what kind of make-up to the finish product. While hard to believe this experience also helped me see myself in a different way and to embrace my uniqueness.



From my first conversation with Kim she made the idea of a photo shoot sound fun – not ‘scary’, which is where my brain wanted to go. Kim’s process is a beautifully and thoughtfully orchestrated! Each step of the process was a perfectly timed discovery, from the initial consult. where I discovered empowering words about myself and my business; to the wardrobe session with Sydney, where I discovered I actually had clothes and accessories I could pair together to look good in pictures; to the Makeup by Holly where I discovered that I could look and feel good “all done up”. The day of the photo shoot was comfortable, encouraging and, as Kim promised, FUN! I now have great pictures I am proud to use in my professional life to confidently represent myself and my business. I am so grateful!!



Working with Kim and her team was exactly what I needed to put my best foot forward in my new career. Since I am not comfortable in front of the camera, I felt that a personalized branding session would help me feel relaxed and confident while also providing me with multiple creative photos for my website and marketing materials. Kim, Kara, and Sydney were supportive throughout the long-distance consults and the morning of the photo shoot. These ladies anticipated and attended to every possible detail and I was confident that I was in good hands. The photo shoot was all that I could have hoped for and more, and I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier group of women to work with.



Wow! What words could one possibly choose to express or describe the experience of working with Kim Brundage and her dream team of makeup extraordinare, Kara Waggoner and Stylist L.A. Phipps? I’ve never felt more pampered should really go without saying, as evident in these photos. But more than that was the ease at which they all made me feel! These photos have already helped to propel The Green Kitchen to the next level. This has been the single best investment I’ve made in my business. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.



Working with Kim and her dream team was delightful! All I had to do was show up with a smile (and a car load of paintings!). We started with a bit of pampering – makeup and hair the day of the shoot and a wardrobe consultation a week prior. Over a cup of coffee, Kim graciously listened to my goals for the upcoming year and collaborated with me on ways to showcase my colorful art and my upbeat personality. You can clearly see on these images how much joy we had in creating something together, and I can’t wait to share these captured moments with future clients, collectors and galleries.



I feel so fortunate that we’ve kept in touch all these years, and even more fortunate that I have such a beautiful friend in you! Our Branding Session was everything you promised me it would be (yep, even fun!) and you definitely captured “me”. You have an incredible gift to see beauty, personality and feeling and bring this out in your work…so glad you are following your dream and helping the rest of us find and follow ours!



I had an delightful branding session with Kim last month. She thought of everything well beforehand; so the day of the photo shoot went very smoothly. From my props, to my wardrobe, to my makeup, everything was seamless. I was able to relax and enjoy being treated like a star! Kim and the Dream Team I worked with, Anetra (NeeChic) and Holly, worked their magic. I absolutely love the final product. I had so much trouble picking a handful of photos from all the great shots.

Scheduling a branding session with Kim Brundage Photography is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business!



I have never enjoyed having my picture taken and in the past have always approached a photo session with something akin to dread. It was different working with Kim. Well in advance, she took the time to get to know me, what my business was about and the feeling I wanted my photos to convey. And from the moment I walked in the door of her beautiful studio I felt so taken care of I knew I was in good hands. Kim’s laid-back manner immediately put me at ease and in the right frame of mind for the session. I don’t ever remember being that comfortable in front of the camera and it really showed through. There were so many good shots it was extremely difficult to narrow the choices down. Kim has assembled an amazing team and from start to finish the experience of a Kim Brundage Branding Session is designed to make every client look and feel like the celebrity they are!


I had a great overall experience with my Photo Branding Session. I appreciate the very thought-through-process (before, during and after) with lots of attention to detail and making sure that the right version of me and what I’m all about will come through the images. Thank you “Kim Brundage Photography” with Holly Byrd Miller, Chic Stripes, Brittany Ross for being an awesome branding session team! You all do a fantastic job and Kim, thank you for making photo-shooting so very fun, special, unique and relaxing! Loved all of it!


This turned out to mean much more to me than just the branding session that I had planned it to be. I had admired Kim’s work and had been meaning to call her. Our mutual friend Julie Hill with EVB POWER referred me and Kim called to set up my appointment. After getting my background and asking questions about my business and family Kim called me back asked what I would think about making a newspaper dress? This took me by surprise a little not so much because it was a newspaper dress but because I thought, here is this lady I just met and she is saying something that is so closely related to what would come out of my mother’s mouth and she really did not know anything about my mother or my father up to this point. Without hesitation I said yes of course let’s do it.
Days leading up to the shoot were well planned. Her team emailed me and informed me what to look forward to. The stylist and I talked and we came up with the best things for me to wear for my branding and headshots. I’m sure I was the first client she had that has the fewest accessories. Sorry Anetra!
The morning of we all were excited. From makeup to hair both of Holly and Brittany make you feel relaxed and they want you to channel your true self.
When L.A. arrived with the dress it was even better than any of us could have imagined.
We took the newspaper dress pictures first and the dressier then casual ones at the end. Throughout my whole session Kim ask questions and understood more about the Rappahannock Times and how it evolved. I explained to her how my parents bought it after they moved to Tappahannock and how it began their legacy of W.A. Cleaton and Sons Inc.
The dress was made with newspapers from our press before we stopped running it in February 2016. I also chose newspapers that were important to me and to our area. L.A. was nice enough to offer to bring it to the Rappahannock Times so that I can keep it there so not only will I have the pictures but I will also have the dress.
I can not begin to thank Anetra, Holly, and Brittany enough for all that they did. Kim for her creative thinking, for thinking out of the box, for patience while taking pictures of me when my hip may have not have stayed where it should. Thank you for capturing my love of this newspaper and my love for this business that is my parent’s legacy. I also need to thank my mom for being the strong role model she was and wearing whatever she wanted to whenever!!!


People, perhaps especially women, of “a certain age” often shy away from the camera. Kim and her exceedingly professional women, took this camera-shy woman and made her not only comfortable but very pleased with the results. It might even have been fun!


Kim is a gifted and authentic woman! She is an artist and has the talent of perceiving and illuminating each individual’s bright side. It is a pleasure to endorse Kim as a professional photographer and now as a friend.


Kim is an amazing photographer! I was so impressed with her work along with her awesome Dream Team who I also got to meet at this photoshoot! I had such an amazing experience and Kim made me feel confident in myself. I would recommend Kim Brundage and her team 100% to anyone who needs gorgeous portraits for any occasions. She makes all of her clients look and feel absolutely beautiful. I’m very happy that she was able to take my senior pictures!


For years I have been told that it is not professional to have a photo of your dog as your profile photo. Thanks to you I can finally post an entire representation of the partnership that I share with my service dog and who I am as a professional with 6 legs. You were able to show the world the compassion and bond that allows me to deliver the highest quality of business and service to my clients each and every day. The entire experience and support of your team from our first consultation, to your follow up emails, choosing my words, the support and encouragement and gentle coaching on the day of the shoot, to the final photo reveal was incredible and a very positive journey for any professional or individual to take. As we travel to Europe to represent the United States at the international service dog conference your images with continue to stand out and be recognized of how diversity can be beautiful. Your support made all of this Pawssible and we are so thankful to you for that. Thank you for finally allowing my entire self and brand to show clear and bright. You are an angel and incredible person. Much love and blessings and gratitude for helping Goose and I make the world A Better Place! 


I’m not terribly comfortable in front of a camera. It usually takes a few tries for me to warm up. Kim was patient and kind throughout the process and allowed me to view the pics as we went along. Because I’m also someone who gets photo fatigue, Kim moved along at a nice clip and we got the 5 shots done before noon. One of the best parts was having the stylists advise me on what to wear. I have found the clothes you choose today can come back to haunt you as styles change so quickly. The result was an understated and classic look which was what I wanted to convey.


I can’t tell you how happy I am that we found Kim. I came to Kim for some business head shots but after seeing her work and talking to her decided to get my husband his head shots and some couples portraits taken too. We have not had our picture taken together since we got married over 18 years ago. We are thrilled with the results! I’ll confess, I was very nervous about getting my picture taken. I thought I would have to come up with the poses. Kim asked us to come up with 3 words to describe what we want the pictures to convey. When we got there, she had books with poses already marked with the poses that reflected our message. I’m one of those people who hates pictures of myself, however, our nerves were gone almost immediately. Kim creates a supportive, comfortable and professional environment. I’m so happy to have these wonderful pictures to share with my family and proudly display on our wall. We hope to see her for our 20th anniversary and commemorate that!


Like so many other women, I don’t enjoy having my photo taken. Kim changed all that – she made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera and was so encouraging that it all flowed easily during our session. The photos were amazing and it was very difficult choosing my favorites! She is very talented indeed and I’m sure will be even more inspired once she is settled into her brand new studio. Here’s to you, Kim, and your team!!


This testimonial challenged me to communicate to all of you that the Kim Brundage Photography team is “priceless”.  NeeChic  provided the foundation that started the process: clothing.  Beauty by Brittany was the next step in the process: hair and makeup that was camera worthy.  Kim Brundage provided the emotional connection that grounded me.

I want to be of service in this world. I hope that these photos will allow others to see me as a partner in creating a more meaningful life through coaching.  If the feedback I have received since the photos were posted is any indication, and it is, mission accomplished!

Part of my work as a coach is to create the space for someone to choose to change perspective.  The experience with Kim, Anetra, and Brittany created the space for me to do just that ~ change my mental model of myself.  I’ve hired two different photographers and had two very different approaches.  The two experiences provided me with the fine v. fabulous.  Metaphorically, the two 2 photo sessions illustrate the idea of living a life that is “good enough” or living a life that is all I create and an expression of my essence.
The results are extraordinary.  This experience was organized, intentional, purposeful.  The work of Kim Brundage Photography is priceless.


I’ve never had portraits done before and the idea was rather daunting. Who truly likes having their picture taken? What if they all look awful? What if I look fat? What if they all show my “bad side?”

Well, the experience with Kim was far from daunting. It was fun, playful, and relaxed.

Kim is professional, but laid back and creative in her work. My best friend and I did our session together and Kim was open to working with us individually and together during the same session. It made the whole experience feel more like an afternoon with friends, than a posed, stiff portrait session.

The best part; we LOVE our portraits! It was hard to narrow down our favorites. Bravo Kim!


Like most business owners, I spend the majority of my time working “in” the business instead of working “on” the business. Consequently, I did not have the professional look personally that I was working so hard to convey for our business. I knew that I needed to have an online presence that reflected our competency better than a “selfie”. Kim was able to encourage me to take some time on my personal branding, and I am so pleased with the results! I now have a bank of photos to use on our website, Linked In, and other digital media that shows the professional, confident, and capable image that our 28 year old business deserves!


Kim!!! I LOVE my photos, thank you so much! We did the original headshot party session, and that got me to thinking…I didn’t have any non-work professional photos of me as an adult (other than my wedding). It was so easy doing the headshots that I decided to try your personalized portrait session. I am SO glad I did!!! Now I have these amazing photos of me at this point in my life! The formal headshots work well for my consulting business web page, and these will be great for my studio business page. Different looks for different ventures! I had a blast working with you on the personalized portraits as well. The process was very collaborative and relaxed, and your entire team was supportive of my ideas – I think we did a great job making the concept a reality! Thank you so much!

GLORIA THOMAS, author of the upcoming book: WIMP, Warrior & Wizard Walk into
a Bar: The Communicator’s Way to Move Up, Be Heard & Own Your Power

Kim and her team create so much more than a headshot. They provide a
genuinely life-enhancing experience. You’ll be pampered, inspired, uplifted
and empowered. They tame the dragon of camera phobia, as they completely
remove the anxiety, hassles and fear of a photoshoot. Don’t wait until you
lose the last ten pounds, find the perfect outfit, or figure out your
branding. Kim will guide you to wonderful new discoveries about yourself and
all you have to offer through your business, and in your life. Her team will
unleash their magic to transform your hair, makeup, jewelry and clothes.
It’s so much fun, you’ll feel like Cinderella. Then Kim will find YOUR
unique magic in her camera lens. She’ll reveal it to you first, then you can
share it with the world!


Thank you, Kim Brundage Photography, for all you did to help me brand Dances With Wool as I begin this new journey. I love all the pictures and can’t wait to show them off. You took my vision for what I wanted to convey and captured it perfectly. What a gift!


The whole portrait experience with Kim was positive and eye-opening. I went in wondering if I really had the time for it, whether I would know what to do, and, of course, if I would like the pictures. The time actually flew by and after the first few snaps of the camera I could feel everything starting to flow. It was fun! Kim has a wonderful way of drawing people out and making them comfortable in front of the camera. She even played music she knew I would like.
Going back to review the pictures was almost just as much fun. I was amazed at how many I truly liked. Kim was very professional in helping sort through and figure out which ones I would really use and enjoy the most. If you are looking for a way to treat yourself, create some keepsakes and get a general boost of positive energy – do this!


As I slowly built my brand and my company, I looked for a photographer who could capture the essence of who I am and what I was trying to achieve. I searched on and off for about a year, unsure of who to invest my time, money and trust for this important task. I ended up reaching out to a friend who models and without hesitation she said Kim Brundage. She encouraged me to give Kim a call, and meet for an interview. I will have to say, it was one of my better decisions.
When we met she asked lots of questions and took plenty of notes. She wanted to know everything about me and even gave me homework. The most critical and relevant question she asked was “what three words do you want to come to mind when people look at your photograph?”. I came up with “Approachable, Honest, and Intelligent”. When I showed the pictures to my web designer, her first response was, you look so approachable. My desired result had been achieved.
When we reviewed all of the photographs, Kim used her marketing eye to help determine which photos worked best for social media, speaking engagements and my website. She is a master of her trade and provides a great service from start to finish.
I cannot thank Kim enough for being a professional, creating a fun day of photo shooting, and providing her wisdom on how to best use the photographs.


You know when you want to get one thing and you end up getting that and something else that’s even better? That was my experience with Kim Brundage! I needed a new headshot and additional photos to spiff-up my branding on my website and social media. So, I signed up for Personalize Portrait Session. My experience with Kim and her Dream Team was amazing and I’m thrilled with my photos! And here’s what I also got that was above and beyond: Seeing myself in a new way and being inspired to fully be that woman Kim captured – red cape and all! That’s the best gift of all!


Thank you for creating such  beautiful photographs of me and my staff for my website. I loved working with you and your team.  Your entire artistic  process, which included assistance with my wardrobe, makeup and hair, was really a delux experience! Your photographs were beautiful! They were both flattering and professional. I am looking forward to using them on my website and other sites where people might be searching for me!

After the photo shoot, not only did I have your beautiful photographs to use,  I also appreciated having some new outfits to wear. All of my new outfits were created by reassembling my own clothes in ways that I had never considered. It was like having a new wardrobe!

Thank you again for your beautiful work!


My photoshoot with Kim was a great experience! She really knew how to make me feel comfortable and to connect with the camera. In one shoot, I was able to get photos with different moods that I can use personally and professionally in both my business and nonprofit work. Holly also did an amazing job with my makeup! I couldn’t recommend Kim and Holly more! Thanks for a wonderful experience!!!


I came to Kim’s photography studio ( on an icy cold February morning, and left feeling warm and beautiful from the inside out!  Kim, and her make up artist Holly (Makeup by Holly)  are very warm, intuitive and perceptive. Kim’s artful photography sessions brought out and captured my personality, and inner strengths, which she then translated into her photography!  My new portfolio is filled with photos that are art pieces, reminding me of the ‘me’ inside! I will enjoy seeing one or two of these art pieces in my home, but am most excited to have them be the face that I use to introduce myself when an image is needed from my business portfolio!


After seeing Kim Brundage Photography photos of my friends posted on Facebook, I had to see what Kim Brundage and her Dream Team could do for me! Kim and I spoke several times before the shoot, and she and her Dream Team were very amenable to meeting me after work for a photo shoot.  They sure do know their craft! Brittany did a fabulous job on my hair, and Holly showed me beauty I didn’t know was possible!  Kim brought out the fun in me, and I felt so comfortable during the photo shoot. She has innovative ideas to make a person look great and feel their best, even after a long day working!  She made me aware of my beautiful smile, and how photogenic I really am. It was a fun evening to let loose and enjoy me!  She also helped me be so much more comfortable by just being me! I highly recommend Kim Brundage Photography for all your photo needs! She will put a jump in your step!


I have always shied away from taking pictures. I met Kim at a You Tube taping and expressed my concerns about this. I even shared my past experiences. Kim assured me that she would change my views. I am a true believer in this very talented lady’s ability. I named Kim and her team… THE DREAM TEAM ! They transformed me on camera, but most importantly Kim helped me accept the beauty that lies within all of us. Thank you Kim, Holly and Britney – THE DREAM TEAM!!


I’ve worked with many photographers over the years on various projects. All of them good, but none like Kim Brundage! I was impressed by her focus to empower confidence in women and help us appreciate our individual beauty. I selected Kim to work with because I could actually see the personalities of the women she photographed beneath their flawless makeup and vibrant attire. They all looked so beautiful, self assured and very comfortable. I needed a photographer who could pull the best out me and help me personify my brand as “The Tipsy Sommelier.” Kim did exactly that! I was very impressed with her focus and direction; she positioned me in ways to accentuate my assets and hide my flaws. I’ve been a lifestyle model for many years now and I am most happy with the images from Kim Brundage Photography. They are the very best representation of me, Terricinia St. Clair and The Tipsy Sommelier. And, I so appreciated the kindness and professionalism of Kim and her team. They were all wonderful to work with. I highly recommend anyone wanting to personify their public, social or company brand through photography, give Kim Brundage a call.


Working with Kim is amazing! She really brings out the best of her subjects. My daughter absolutely loved the session and now we have beautiful portraits to remember our special day! The makeup aspect of the session is so so important and Holly Miller applies the most perfect makeup! Kim has a special talent and really knows how to shoot a woman who feels uncomfortable posing for the camera! Her coaching skills are what brings out the best portrait you might ever take!


I’m a performing artist — a storyteller. I needed to update my head shots, but I was dreading it. I’ve worked with some good photographers, but I’ve never felt comfortable trying to “act natural” with a camera pointing at me. And in the end, I’ve never been totally satisfied with the “posed” nature of my images. I don’t need “glamor” shots; I need to look like someone you’d want to invite into your imagination. I was thrilled to discover Kim! She and Holly put me at ease immediately. We were unhurried. We talked. We laughed a lot. Kim didn’t have to tell me to smile. I was having a blast. With photo sessions in the past, I’m usually hard pressed to find two or three images I feel good about using to promote my work. After my session with Kim, the hard part was narrowing it down. I wanted them all. She captured me looking like myself on a fantastic day. Better than head shots — Kim created portraits of me doing what I love doing best. It was totally worth the drive from Philadelphia to Richmond. When I need to update my promo material, I’ll do it again. In a heartbeat.


Thanks, Kim for the best portraits that I’ve ever had taken of me! I have always felt unphotogenic, and avoid having my picture taken. I was not looking forward to trying to look good or at ease or all the ways I imagine I needed to be in a photo session. But you changed all that! Holly was wonderful and was able to bring out my best with her makeup. I learned some good tips from her! And you are a magician behind the camera! How else can you explain the magic you made happen? Once we got started I felt completely at ease. You have an inherent sense of people’s being, and you are able to make it come alive in your portraits. For the first time, I actually feel beautiful! Thank you for creating images that I can proudly use for my own marketing, images that convey the essence of who I am. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, you have said it all for me!


 I loved my ME time with Kim Brundage Photography, Makeup by Holly and Beauty by Brittany. What a treat to have my hair, makeup and new professional photos done. These ladies made me feel and look beautiful! Don’t wait to book your special time with this trio of professionals.


I wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to photograph my family. I am very self conscious and its hard for me to love myself, especially in pictures. But looking at the ones that you took – WOW! -all those feelings just left and I knew that I was beautiful! What you are doing with your photography is amazing! I know, being a girl myself, that we are very judgmental of ourselves but what you captured is a side that woman rarely acknowledge in themselves, their ability to truly be beautiful in their own ways! You are amazing and I loved being around you! Your smile is inspiring and your happy attitude is contagious. I look up to you in so many ways! Thank you for helping me feel beautiful! PS: I’m coming to for my senior pics, wedding pics and everything after! 🙂


As an artist/entrepreneur it is very important for me to have pictures which capture the essence of who I am both personally and artistically. Kim did a great job capturing both in the photos she took of me. We had a really good time during the photo shoot. Kim recognized that I was a bit nervous so she wisely asked me what I would like to do to get into a good space for the pictures. She gave me time to meditate then to move in ways that came very naturally to me. That soon turned into play as we included the triangles I created for my new product Triangle Play. We put them all over the background so they looked like they were cascading onto me – very playful and fun! It was delightful letting our creativity have sway as we played. I have a feeling that the way we worked isn’t necessarily the way Kim normally does a photo shoot, but what I loved was that she was able to make it work for ME and not just go through a rigid process. We collaborated and created something very fun and special. Her lights, her set up, her talent behind the camera + my face, my art+ our creativity = great shots! The pictures Kim took of me that day run the gamut from professional to playful to artistic, perfect for the many uses I have for them.


 What a fun girls night out!! Yes, it really felt like that working with Holly and Kim. Both ladies are very professional and know how to make you, as the subject, feel relaxed and comfortable. I recommend this experience to everyone! Not only do you have a wonderful experience — you get fabulous photos to last you a lifetime!


Kim is spectacular! She tells you exactly what you need to do to make you look your best which is feeling your best. It made me feel more confident and good about myself. I recommend this to anyone who needs to reconnect with themselves. This experience made me feel that I am good, things are great and you just have to celebrate who you are! I feel like I can take on the world after this.


Kim Brundage Photography, you are something else~ really glad I participated in this, you know I am not much on having my pics taken (posed) but you did an incredible job and I loved the whole experience! And I was surprised just how many images I loved of myself!


Kim Brundage Photography couldn’t have done a better job on my daughter’s senior portraits! Laura is my oldest and we never did senior portraits where I grew up. Kim explained and arranged everything for me, including setting up an appointment with a professional make up artist, Holly Miller. The make up was perfect; we were looking for something that highlighted Laura’s natural beauty – not overpower it – and what Holly did was beautiful. What I loved about working with Kim on the shoot was all the time she spent with us. We never felt rushed and the whole photo shoot itself is now a fond mother-daughter memory. Kim put my daughter at ease right from the beginning, and each shot was amazing. She does a great job with lighting and I really liked the shots using her special lenses. There were so many gorgeous shots it was really hard to make my final decisions. My choices included an arrangement of artsy couture boards and they’re spectacular in my bedroom. We also chose 4 poses for her graduation announcements, and prints for relatives. Her younger sister is excited to have her senior portraits done in two years, and I’ve already told Kim to put the appointment in her book. There’s no one else I’d trust for such a special occasion.


This was by far one of the best experiences of Tyler’s life and mine as well. We were quite nervous not knowing what to expect.  From the moment she walked in the door, Kim, Holly and Naomi put her mind at ease that she would be awesome and she was!  It was not just about having a picture taken, it was much much more. Tyler has always been a self starter, team player and go getter,  but the moment she stepped in front of that camera I saw a very different Tyler. Her strength, confidence and poise was absolutely wonderful to watch. This is an experience that every woman should have. I am woman…..hear me R-O-A-R!


I am very thankful that I decided to do this for myself. I am very thankful to Kim and Holly for making me come alive on the canvas…  They made the shoot fun and I had a great time that day… They made me feel beautiful inside and out…. I recommend it for any woman to do for themselves


Kim, you are truly talented. I love your home studio, the warmth and kindness of your home, but also your professionalism when taking photos. Thank you for helping me bring out my beauty. I will keep on “smiling with my eyes”.


Kim- thanks for the fabulous pictures you took of me and my twins girls-You are truly amazing behind the camera and always brings out the best in both kids and adults alike….


I recently had the extreme pleasure of shooting for Kim Brundage and my dear cousin Holly
Byrd Miller ! I had an amazing time! They were so attentive, thoughtful, professional, and
considerate! Their focus on detail made every picture worth it.. Kim is a phenomenal
photographer and Holly is a wonderful makeup artist!! These ladies will surely glam you up–I
encourage those who just want to be pretty for a day to get with Kim and Holly for what will be
incredibly lasting memories. I can’t wait to work with them again!!! 🙂


Kim is an AMAZING photographer who has the passion, the professionalism and the talent to take perfect pictures…every time! I had the pleasure of working with Kim during a glamour photo shoot. I (like most women) hadn’t taken a professional picture since my wedding day (8 years ago). I wanted something that encapsulated my true beauty, so I reached out to Kim to help bring that desire to fruition. What Kim delivered was that and soooo much more. Kim’s calm and friendly demeanor was so refreshing and made me feel comfortable. The camera sees it all, so the fact that I was comfortable translated perfectly through the lens. Kim even helped me with posing. I had such a wonderful experience; I didn’t want it to end. The end result was AMAZING pictures. I had so many to choose from, it was really hard to narrow them down.

Soon after the photo shoot, it was time to decide which photos I wanted to print. That was such a hard decision because they all looked so great. I narrowed down the choices and had the chosen photos converted to canvas wraps. I didn’t know just how beautiful my pictures would be after they were converted to canvas wraps. I was just expecting nicely edited and printed pictures…it was so much more. I now have canvas wraps hanging from my walls like beautiful pieces of art. My friends and family come over and compliment how beautiful my artwork is:)

My photography session with Kim was a wonderful experience. Hands down, it was one of the most memorable moments of my life. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone who wants their picture taken and who wants quality photos that will show you just how beautiful YOU REALLY ARE!!


Kim’s professional skills and ability to put you at ease, while she’s taking your picture, is sublime.   The final prints, to hang, should arrive soon, I can’t wait!


We have used Kim twice now and have been nothing but 100% happy with the photographs she took. Her ability to work with our oldest daughter when she turned 1 amazed both of us. She captured her personality & some very special family moments all while chasing a very active 1 year old around. We thought she had her work cut out for her then, little did we know how challenging it would be to photograph our family 10 months later when our second daughter arrived. Kim took it all in stride. Our oldest warmed up to her immediately and she captured incredible shots of both of them. We were also pleased with her concern for the both girls’ safety during the shoot, making sure that we didn’t have any bumps or bruises along the way. The quality of the prints is the best I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend Kim, you won’t be disappointed with the results.