Vicki Bellamy found me on Facebook. I had taken a woman’s headshot last spring who had beautiful gray hair. Vicki loved the shot and it gave her courage to have her portrait taken too. In addition, Vicki drove two hours away from Staunton, VA. She decided she wanted to invest in her career with images to launch her website. Smart woman!

Vicki met with Sydney of ChicStripes for her wardrobe consultation through FaceTime. Technology makes it possible. Sydney helped Vicki select 5 outfits from her closet that look great on her and photograph well. 

Vicki is an independent educational consultant who specializes in helping students with their college search and application process. I asked her to bring her favorite books and Sydney brought over her globe. The globe was used to convey where in the world should your kid go to college?! Vicki made sure to include Europe in the image so clients would think beyond the United States. The world is their oyster and Vicki will help determine those next best steps on how to get there.

Vicki is usually the one behind the camera and was very nervous about having her photograph taken.  Vicki confided she is her own worst critic; she was letting her insecurities get the best of her because she doesn’t feel very photogenic. But she STILL drove 2 hours to work with my Dream Team in order to put her best foot forward with photographs that she could be proud of for her website and marketing materials. 

When Vicki arrived, we warmly welcomed her and helped her unload her car. Sydney of ChicStripes unpacked and organized her wardrobe while Kara started on Vicki’s hair and makeup. Vicki wanted a very natural look and Kara gave her the no-makeup, makeup look.  Soon it was time to capture Vicki’s brand through carefully planed sequence of poses with props. As you can see, we had an amazing time and I am proud of the images we captured together.

Credits:  Makeup by Holly Beauty Partners | ChicStripes 

Vicki Bellamy

Vicki Bellamy Vicki Bellamy

Vicki Bellamy

Vicki Bellamy