To take from an old cliché, a picture can be worth a thousand bucks.

Here is one person’s experience on why you need great business headshots:

I had no idea how powerful a headshot could be until I launched an online magazine a few years back. Having a professional shoot my partners and me for the About page seemed like an indulgence at the time. But when the New York Times came calling, we provided the pic for the story…which got noticed by a reporter on CNN…who used it to convince her bosses that we were a good story…and so on.

Having a strong, up-to-date photo of yourself on hand is smart business. Use it to burnish your image on your website, market yourself on LinkedIn and Twitter. Anytime you speak on a panel, you will probably be asked for a photograph. If you author a book, it can go on the back flap.

Your photograph needs to look professional and polished, so don’t even think about using an iPhone selfshot. Hire a photographer who has experience with business headshots, not just sexy model portraits. Ask to be snapped against a few different backgrounds, and consider doing formal and casual looks.

Keep your neckline and accessories simple and timeless. Avoid wearing all white, since it can look stark or wash you out. And finally, let your photographer know if you’re uncomfortable being photographed; a good one will help you to relax, so you can shine.

Photo opp. What image do you want to project in your headshot?

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