Yvonne Ortega is a tiny woman and she is impressively BIG in her service to others. Yvonne has overcome a lot of adversity in her life. Instead of being bitter or angry she has healed any negative emotions to help others overcome their life adversities. Her whole theme is to support her clients to move “from Broken to Beautiful.”  What a powerful story! What a powerful person!

Ms. Ortega is from Yorktown and we did her pre-branding consult over FaceTime. I asked her many questions to help me customize her “shot list.” I wanted to convey her strength, warmth and her diversity of what she offers.

I also wanted to make sure to give her plenty of images that she is able to customize for quotes and events. Yvonne will get many uses of each image. I like to bring out what is important to my clients so they can connect better with their prospects. Yvonne has a very strong faith in God and I wanted an image with her Bible. She has a Hispanic heritage and we had fun incorporating those shots as well.

Yvonne is going to start to do Podcasts and we captured an image with a microphone. I love being creative with different natural props that support my clients branding message.

Here is one paragraph I copied from her website about Yvonne. She is so amazing.

“Yvonne has a Master of Education in Counseling and degrees in Spanish. Her background as a licensed professional counselor, licensed substance abuse treatment practitioner, and clinically certified domestic violence counselor gives her a unique perspective on the heart of women. Her counseling experiences in jails, prisons, and outpatient services add depth and humor to her presentations, as do her years of teaching mostly high school and college Spanish.”

Credits: Makeup by Holly Beauty Partners | ChicStripes for Wardrobe

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