I’ve learned a number of teachings from practicing photography that can be applied to everyday life. Below is a my collection of top 5 life lessons photography taught me that I would like to share with my fellow entrepreneurs!


#1 – Be present in this moment.

This moment will never recreate itself exactly how it is right now. I used to walk away from images, thinking I could come back and get the shot another time. The reality is that, no, I can’t. The lighting will be different, my mood will be different, something will be different. Be present and…

#2 – Take the shot!

Be decisive and move forward. We all can overanalyze  situations and second-guess ourselves. I’ve learned from photography to make the decision and then move forward until I decide something isn’t working for me.

#3 – Sometimes I have to be uncomfortable to get those epic shots!

I often have to go through uncomfortable growth spurts and/or go outside my comfort zone to gain a new level of expertise and I am always glad that I did. I challenge myself to think and behave differently. Afterwards, I’m proud of myself and I gain a new appreciation for the work.

#4 – Whatever shot I take, I will edit for my final art.

Making a major move or taking serious progressive growth yields continual follow-up to make it my own art. The shot I take in camera still needs to be finessed in Photoshop. The steps I take still need to be fine-tuned as I navigate forward. I will always be evolving until my last breath. I’ve also learned that my dreams and goals are hard work. There is no easy street to being a good photographer or business person.

#5 – Turn around, look back.

Sometimes the best shot is behind me, not in front of me. Sometimes I need to look at opportunities differently. It is great to have a retrospective of your accomplishments and realize all that you’ve accomplished.



My Photography Poem:

There is a song in my Heart and it must be sung!

It is an exciting time of self-discovery and exploration.

Everyday photography sings to me…calls out my name….

It whispers – play with me!

Look at me – notice how the light shines

Did you see this?

Oh, how we want to delight!



Has your career or passion taught you lessons that can be practiced in other facets of life? If so, please share below in the comments!

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