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You might think I’m crazy or maybe you can relate to this…My husband thinks I’m beautiful and so do my friends. But what did I REALLY think? I didn’t share the same opinion of my beauty (not even close).  I could blame people from my younger years or the media but I’ve come to realize that critical voice in my head was really my own.

I decided I wanted to see myself through my loved ones’ eyes. I started studying different poses and lighting. I made myself practice in front of the camera and thought I was going to delete ALL the images at first. But after that first self-portrait session,  I finally saw the beautiful woman that my husband sees every time he looks at me. I learned how to capture the best version of myself and that is what I want to capture for you.


Through the lens of my camera, I capture images of entrepreneurs and corporate clients. I, along with my team, reveal the best of your brand to your ideal clients. I reached the peak of my career in corporate marketing after 20 years and entered the world of photography and personal branding. As an entrepreneur, I recognize the challenges faced by small business owners. Whether you love having your picture taken or are camera shy, I take the fear out of the process with gentle guidance, communication, and support. The outcome of a headshot party or branding session can be increased confidence, brand clarity, and new marketing opportunities.

Kim and the Dream Team have donated their services to Safe Harbor, Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation, UNOS, LB Academy and many others.

Kim also does speaking engagements about woman and body image. She is helping young girls make the connection between beauty and confidence. She’s spoken at St. Catherine’s, Steward School, Richmond Academy and Saint Mary’s Catholic School. 

What’s in My Bag?
Canon 5D Mark III | 85 mm L f1.8 | 24-70 mm L f2.8 | 24-105 mm L f4 | 70-200 mm IS II L f2.8 | Lens Baby 80 Edge & 35 Optic | and other cool gadgets