Angelika is my model for aging gracefully. When I first met Angelika, through one of my clients Marilyn Scott, I immediately liked her. She has a beautiful German accent and she has a distinct taste in fashion. Here is a woman who knows what she likes and pulls it off impressively. Angelika is kind hearted and warm. I am in complete awe of her. If I could look like her when I am in my 70’s, I would be most happy.

Angelika’s friend and previous client Marilyn even came to the portrait session to cheer Angelika on. Doing things with one of your girlfriends always makes it more fun! 

Holly Byrd Miller did a fabulous job of making Angelika’s makeup look like her everyday look and with the pop needed to be camera ready. Everything translated perfectly through the camera. That is why I love working with Holly because she is so talented and does a great job consistently. 

Angelika brought three outfits changes with all kinds of beautiful accessories. As you can see, she knows how to pull together an outfit. Angelika is in the Real Estate Business too. She is a professional realtor for more than 30 years and owns her own company.  She wanted her image to be strong and engaging with energy. See the red jacket as the image she picked for her realtor business cards.

Her next outfit was a simple but elegant black and white with texture. I love her black lace skirt. I love how she wasn’t afraid to wear it. That takes confidence! This image is my favorite because I think it says it all about Angelika. Beautiful, sophisticated, elegant and graceful. That is what I see overtime I interact with Angelika.

Angelika’s final outfit was a soft lavender jacket. She wanted to have a nice portrait to send to her son and grandchildren. 

I think it is neat how we can express different parts of our personality through our clothes, makeup and intentional posing. 

If you would like to meet this fabulous woman Angelika, you can contact her for buying or selling your home. You can reach her at 804-437-4663 or



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