Bailey and her mom decided to hire me because they didn’t want the typical high school senior portraits. I was excited to offer them my fresh perspective. Bailey is a high school senior and is getting ready to graduate. 

Bailey came highly recommended from Debbie Floyd, owner of Dances with Wool. Bailey’s mom told me that my Facebook posting of Debbie’s first Branding session caught on like wildfire and everyone was very excited to have a new organic wool/yarn store in Midlothian. 

High school seniors get three outfit changes, camera ready makeup and hairstyling. Bailey and her mom loved this support. They felt confident about what Bailey wore with the expert eye of Sydney Lester, Owner of ChicStripes

Bailey brought her Ukulele and even played it for us. Bailey also has a neat tattoo on the inside of her wrist. It is of her animal’s footprint so I made sure to capture that as well. 

It was a beautiful day so we went outside and played with the Willow tree. I love the tree’s photogenic affect and feel grateful every time I look at it. My neighborhood is more than 50 years old and I’ve heard Willow tree was standing back then. Lucky me!

Credits: Makeup by Holly Beauty Partners | ChicStripes



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