Bunny Young wanted a unique family portrait for her creative family who like to individually express themselves.

From Left to Right – Rocky is 6 years old and loves Spiderman, Wonder Woman and boots. Guinness is Bunny’s service dog and was supposed to wear a pony saddle because everyone jokes he is rideable but he wasn’t having it. Seven month old baby Vyctoria is wearing a red cape and at one time she had a cute floral band around her head. Bunny is central to the family and thus in the center of this image. She is wearing her sexy corset, tall cowboy boots, Wonder Woman red cape and a Superman badge. Β Her husband Steve is a stunt man and knows how to safely be on fire. The rustic barn which is half painted is all part of the charm along with the blue Ford pickup truck. The star leaning against the rustic barn is part of Bunny’s business logo and philosophy. Not pictured is my husband with a leaf blower adding movement to Bunny’s hair and cape. No one was hurt andΒ I should add the usual disclaimer of “do not try this at home.” It was a very memorable photoshoot.Β 

I only had two “Steve on Fires” to accomplish the family portrait. The first time, 6 year old Rocky was crying because she didn’t understand how her daddy could be safe and still be on fire. Guinness was on the other side of Bunny, almost hiding from the fire. So we tried again with a few modifications and nailed it! Make sure you scroll down and see how much we diverged from our inspirational shot to make it the Young family portrait.Β 

Inspiration shot we used to start the conversation for a “one of kind” family portrait for the Young family.