I first met Cheney when I was deciding whether to participate in the Scout Guide Richmond Volume 3.  I was in awe of her beauty and then when I met her daughter (13th descendant of Pocahontas), I just knew I had to photograph them. We had a wonderful morning together. Cheney wanted to update her head shot for the cover of Scout Guide website. She wanted something that showed her authentic self (dynamic, fun and engaging). It was important that she look approachable and an expert in what she is selling. Cheney’s daughter, Serpell has an angelic look with her white blonde hair with her mother’s eyes. Cheney reminded me of a younger version of Maria Shiver. It all came together so beautifully. Mother/Daughter portraits are to be cherished. I never had them done as a child and I hope all mothers get their portraits taken with their children.

Please check out the Scout Guide http://richmond.thescoutguide.com &  look inside for me! The Scout Guide (TSG) is a network of city guides that highlight the best of local in each of the locations we cover. We showcase each town’s homegrown and independently owned businesses in a variety of ways: A beautiful print publication, carefully curated city blogs, and regularly updated social media pages. In addition, The Scout Guide’s national blog highlights local businesses, artisans, and entrepreneurs daily, giving nationwide exposure to hometown favorites.

On a side note: Some of you may know that I am originally from Michigan. I’ve been in Richmond for 12 years now and I love it! I especially love all the history and it is so fascinating to me when I meet someone from the long line of prominent historical people. I first met a descendant of Alexander Hamilton (man on our $10 bill), then I met a beautiful African American woman who is a descendant of Thomas Jefferson and recently I met the 13th descendant of Pocahontas. In fact, her middle name is Pocahontas. How neat is that?



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