Clients choose to work with businesses, but they stay to work with people. For this reason, it’s imperative that the folks behind the business display their most authentic selves and showcase themselves in their best light. Corporate headshots should also reflect the company’s branding. Presenting a cohesive brand throughout the site as well as in the business’ collateral displays an extra level of professionalism that could be the reason one company is hired over another.

Care Advantage is a leading Richmond organization that provides in-home personal care services to seniors and others in need. They’ve been around Richmond for twenty years, but needed a refreshed look and presentation, as they had been using images that were taken at various times and differed in style. Getting consistent team headshots was the perfect first step!

We spent time creating consistent, professional looks that would be seen by clients and the community and also took the opportunity to get shots that showed off their personalities and would be used for internal communication. These fun, informal portraits were taken horizontally so that the company would be able to create mastheads, whereas I shot the more formal corporate headshots in the traditional vertical orientation.

It can be difficult to organize staff headshots when team members are on their own schedules, meeting their individual deadlines and working toward their respective goals. On top of that, when images are made at different times and with different photographers, achieving consistency is tough. When I take corporate headshots for a company, I eliminate these concerns. I meet the clients in their office with everything we need – backgrounds, lights, and, of course, my amazing makeup, hair, and wardrobe styling partners to guarantee that the clients are looking their best and wearing the best-fitting, most flattering clothes. I am sure to maintain a common theme between each of the portraits so that they will work alongside each other and throughout the business’ collateral.

Getting corporate headshots for your team will let your potential clients know with whom they will be working. It will keep your business with a supply of photos to fill out your website, social media, press releases, annual reports, business cards and more. It will reinforce camaraderie among employees and provide a renewed energy to the workplace and the work that you are pursuing.

Be sure to check out their website, which now features a consistent, professional “about” page, showcasing the people behind this great organization, and if you’d like to learn more about getting corporate headshots for your team, reach out and let’s chat!

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