I could not do what I do without my Dream Team. When you come to me for a branding session or to have your headshot made, it’s not just about what happens in front of the camera. We want to take every burden off of you. Whether it’s in makeup application or hair styling or clothing choice, we pride ourselves in not only having you covered, but ensuring that every last detail is taken care of. I have a Dream Team of professionals on your side and one of them has just been deservedly recognized for the amazing work she does in her field. We introduce to you, Makeup By Holly.

The inspiring woman behind Makeup By Holly is Holly Miller. I saw and was impressed by her work, so we met at a Starbucks more than three years ago and hit it off right away. We’ve been working together ever since. Holly was just awarded the ACHI’s 2017 Makeup Artist of the Year award, which honors the contributions of extraordinary women working in various fields throughout the Hampton Roads area and beyond. It is judged based on reputation, experience, level of success, conduct and character, and potential for growth. They celebrate the spirit of womanhood and encourage others to follow suit – something that is of utmost importance to me and that I work to achieve in my own practice. She also took home the People’s Choice Award, which was based on the audience’s popular vote.

When you look your best, you feel your best, and when you feel your best you are unstoppable.

Holly’s career in makeup artistry was born from a love for beauty and for helping people look and feel their best. She’s been a makeup artist for more than fifteen years, but made the decision to take her passion from hobby to profession five years ago. Holly began her formal education in the field, becoming a certified makeup artist, and continues her training to hone her skills by attending workshops in New York City several times a year. She has trained with some of the most renowned artists in the industry, including Reggie Wells, the Emmy-award winning makeup artist who worked for Oprah Winfrey for more than twenty years and Derrick Rutledge, the esteemed makeup artist who spent time working between Michelle Obama and Ms. Winfrey, and now works exclusively with Oprah.

It’s not just about knowing which foundation works and which lipstick to use. You have to understand face shape, color theory, the fundamentals of this craft. Contouring isn’t the same, technique is different from face to face, eye shape to eye shape, skin tone to skin tone. It’s understanding the artistry. It’s understanding that every face is a canvas.

When she works with me, her process begins by sending a beauty assessment to our client. She wants to understand the client’s needs, asking them about their desired look for hair and makeup. She asks what frames of mind connect most to their brand – confident, empowered, approachable, friendly, etc. Using this information, she begins thinking through the looks that could be created once they’re in her chair and what looks will convey their brand best. She understands the value of time to our clients and by having a plan before the client has even arrived, she ensures that they get exactly what they want in the most efficient and effective manner. Holly’s participation is critical and I won’t photograph someone without her or her team’s expertise because “camera ready” makeup makes a huge difference.

Holly sees the beauty in her clients and in everyone. She knows how to calm people and bring out their best beauty features. She is professional and offers everyone a consistent experience. By the time she has completed their makeup, the client’s confidence is high and they are ready to have their portraits done. Our clients love her because they know she is rooting for them.

Having a background in business and having worked in the corporate environment, she understands the fundamentals of being a business owner, employing those principles of excellent customer service and understanding that the customer is top priority, providing them the best experience and respecting their time and wishes.

Holly is not a one-woman show, and prides herself in her team of professionals that she sends my way when she is not available. Highly skilled certified makeup artists and licensed hair stylists comprise her team, and I entrust her to pair the right beauty expert with the right client, knowing that the highest professionalism and skill will be provided.


In addition to assisting in photo shoots, Holly is a certified makeup instructor and works with both aspiring professional makeup artists and everyday women who want tips and tricks for applying their own makeup (Her next workshop is January 6th. Sign up here!).

She is affiliated with a number of professional networking organizations, serving on the Board of Directors for LaFarn Burton Beauty Education Foundation, a member of the Chamber of Commerce Extraordinary Women’s Exchange, a member of The Metropolitan Business League, a member of Boss Babes RVA and Girl Boss, and a member, of course, of ACHI Women Supporting Women Association from which she was just awarded 2017 Makeup Artist of the Year.

When I didn’t believe in myself, she believed in me and supported me through my growing pains. When I had a crazy marketing idea, she was right there to try it with me. I am so proud of her for receiving the ACHI award and for all that she does and I expect that she will continue to be recognized for her hard work. We share that same passion of empowering people to feel beautiful and I am honored to have her on my team and as my business partner.