Estelle Brodeur and I actually met back in 2006 briefly when we both worked at Bon Secours Richmond. She worked in the wellness department, teaching mindbody approaches, and I worked in the marketing department. Wellness has always been an interest of mine since pursing and obtaining my degree in a Master in Public Health. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a corporate wellness job like I had planned but landed in the second best opportunity which was healthcare marketing. I would use my marketing skills to do health education especially when I worked in oncology for Henry Ford Health System. I would market a lot with prevention and awareness tips. 

It was an absolute pleasure to be reunited with Estelle. She is an amazing wellness expert who lives her life purpose by providing coaching for health, life and career.  Estelle has incredible coaching credentials from Duke Integrative Medicine, Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy, and International Coach Federation. She holds degrees from University of Virginia and Virginia Commonwealth University, and has over three decades of experience in multiple health arenas, including public mental health and acute care settings. Estelle coaches individuals, groups, and travels with a team throughout the country as a trainer, teaching health coaching skills to clinical staff of the Veterans Health Administration health. Estelle is also a registered Yoga Teacher specializing in Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga. She also orchestrates Laughter Yoga RVA. This is a group that promotes wellness using the practice of unconditional laughter. I once attended a wellness presentation and I will never forgot the speaker’s last point. She said “Just Laugh!” It is so good for you and your body doesn’t know if something truly made you laugh or if you are just laughing because you know it is good for you! Then she proceeded to laugh and so did we. 

I wanted to get Estelle outside after a few studio shots. She loves the outdoors and Estelle brought her Yoga mat. I used my evergreen trees as her background and she went through many impressive yoga poses. 

In the studio we focused on getting coaching branding images where we used her favorite books, tea mug and headset to convey what is possible. 

Taylor Quinn of Filmspire, came at the end of our time together and took some B-roll and then worked with Estelle to do a 30 second promo video that she can use for her website and social media. Many of  my clients are enjoying this video option at the end of their session. Why not? They already have their hair, makeup and great wardrobe on. Knock it out!

Credits: Makeup by Holly | ChicStripes