Traci is one of my best friends. She has such a beautiful heart and her smile lights up any room! Traci does so many nice things for meΒ and I wanted to repay her by giving her a personalized gift from me. What woman doesn’t want a great portrait of themselves? One that she and her family can look back on and say “Wow! I looked amazing. I’m glad I took that time to capture me when I was XX years old.” It can be stressful to have your portrait taken even if everyone thinks you are beautiful. We all see our signs of aging or fuss how our hair didn’t lay just right. We take those quick glimpses in the mirror and go about our day. A picture makes some of us pick apart our flaws. Why? Regardless of the reason, it is my job to relax you, pose you and use good light to help you look your best. Traci’s makeup was done by Makeup by Holly. Please check out the Makeup Artist tab on my home page to learn more about Holly Miller or go to www.makeupbyhollyb.comΒ 


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