Glamour is a title of a magazine and the word Glamour can conjure up memories of the overdone glamour portraits in the 80’s. Today, glamour portraits are being reinvented. We all want to look and feel our best!

Most of us hate having our picture taken. I’ve concluded that is because we do not like pictures of ourselves since we do not think the picture is a fair representation of ourselves. You can have a whole host of things go wrong – bad lighting, bad posing, not wearing a flattering outfit, not your best smile and the list goes on. 

The Dream Team and I actually make the whole process fun! Can you believe it? Fun! We have fun and our clients have fun. It is a joyous experience so know that you really are beautiful and you and everyone can see it clearly!

Once a year, my best friend travels all the way from Moscow to visit me. Each year, I practice photographing on her and give her new fabulous portraits to celebrate herself with. It is true that Michelle is beautiful and she is not a model by trade. She is a chef. Every time we take her portraits, her friends exclaim how awesome she looks and wish they were beautiful like her so they could get the same result. And every time, Michelle tells them they ARE beautiful in their own unique way and that they can have portraits like this.

It is amazing to me how we each see the beauty so readily in others but do not see the beauty in ourselves. When I started focusing on my own positive attributes, I noticed other women’s beauty faster. Sometimes I will be walking past people, thinking “Oh! I love her eyes, Oh! I love her hair! Oh! I love her outfit….and the list goes on. 

So here are Michelle’s latest glamour portraits and you can say “Oh, I love her blue eyes…Oh! I love her hair and Oh! fill in the blanks…..

Glamour Portraits – Behind the Scenes

Michelle is a chef at the American Embassy in Moscow. I wanted to take a few images of her holding her chef knife. I envisioned her looking very feminine with her knife. When she is working in the kitchen, Michelle doesn’t look glamorous because she is in her boxy chef jacket. Here I tried to marry the two – playful, sexy Michelle with her professional chef knife. 

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