Shoe Crazy Wine’s slogan is “Give a girl a great pair of shoes and a great bottle of wine….and she can figure out the rest herself!” This  speaks to how fun, playful and empowering Gwen is. We had such fun playing with amazing shoes, boots and wine bottles. Brittany Williams (Beauty by Brittany) did Gwen’s hair and it turned out so beautiful! Then Holly Byrd Miller (Makeup by Holly) did her magic bringing out Gwen’s natural beauty. We had so much fun! We were laughing our way through most of it.  Gwen called us the ‘Dream Team” and it stuck. Now we want to go get t-shirts that have the ‘Dream Team’ on them. Read below how this amazing company came to be. You can find Shoe Crazy Wine a the Urban Farmhouse and many other locations.


In 2013, Shoe Crazy Wine, LLC was founded by Gwen after a series of challenging events in her life. One was a car accident that took nearly a year of recovery, the other was parting with the company in which she had spent 17 years working diligently. During her rehabilitation, Gwen made the decision to fight back the depression and pain and start a company that she could be proud of and most importantly passionate about. Although the IT industry was not her passion, she really loved her job and her colleagues. Thus the SCW story is truly a case of the tried and true cliché “Everything Happens for a Reason”… Sometimes two things happen for a reason!  After searching online for weeks Gwen landed a partner that allowed her an avenue to enter the wine business.  SCW launched very quietly in Chesterfield Virginia as a private label Vintner.  Our wine is made from superior grapes in optimum conditions. We create signature and proprietary blends that are beautifully balanced wines. From vineyard to bottle nothing is taken for granted. Our wines truly please the palate and provide an unforgettable drinking experience.   Our future plans are to be on shelves in retail outlets and on the menus of restaurants as the company expands its global reach and product offerings..

Mission Statement: To deliver the ultimate wine drinking experience by never forgetting what quality is and that our customers are everything.  

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