I loved our time time together doing a Teen Girl Photo Session and especially in Richmond VA where there are so many beautiful backdrops to play with. Recently we set out to do a teen girls stylized shoot. The theme was Rural Couture and the backdrop was my residential studio and downtown Ashland, Virginia. 

We love showing young women how beautiful they really are. We also want to empower young women to feel beautiful and confident as they reach a significant milestone in their life and go on to the next phase in their life. 

Anetra, owner of NeeChic met with all the ladies at Lex’s of Carytown so they could pick the right style gown for their body type. Anetra also paired the accessories. Anetra took the extra step of getting everyone a fan to compliment their outfits and she picked up long black gloves for Montana’s dress. It all came together fabulously!

A very special thank you to Lisa McSherry, Owner of Lex’s of Carytown for generously lending us her amazing gowns and accessories. 

On the big day, we met early to start the production of hair and makeup. Beauty by Brittany brought her talented assistant Kelsey Daubery. Makeup by Holly brought her exceptional assistant Tierra Parker. Anetra had her amazing assistant, Arlice Baker.  

Hailee was our youngest participant in our Teen Stylized Rural Couture Shoot. She has the most amazing eyes. 

Here is what Anetra of NeeChic said about picking Hailee’s gown and accessories:

Hailee was next in line. I initially was going to go with a different color and style, but changed direction at the last minute. Hailee told me that she loves sparkles, she with most of the other girls are cheerleaders after all, so I wanted to give her what she wanted. The coral was stunning on her light caramel skin tone and very complimenting to her piercing hazel eyes. All of the jewels on the upper bodice of the gown and the waist, along with the blinged out earrings and rings, were the right amount of sparkle for this cheerleader!

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