Since she began her journey becoming a food entrepreneur expert in the Richmond area, Lisa Dearden’s business has expanded exceptionally. It all started with taking herself seriously in her professional pursuits. When she found herself on the road to a new career and all that comes with it, she wanted to project a more professional look of her brand and businesses. The first step she took was coming to me for a professional headshot.

Thanks to the wonderful world of networking, Lisa and I connected through the amazing Mary Foley, a life coach and motivational speaker who is basically Superwoman. Mary has coached Lisa through her business development and helped her realize that she had a story worth telling…

Flash back to her childhood, Lisa grew up in Amish Country in Ohio where she developed an appreciation for community, hard work, conservation, and local food. Years later, through an onslaught of injuries and surgeries in her forties, she began using functional medicine to recover and to change her life. She then strove to marry her previous career in marketing with her newly refreshed passion, returning to school to study Horticulture with a focus on sustainable agriculture. With regained health, she now shares her journey with others, inspiring them to grow and prepare food responsibly, build their communities, and treat the environment well.

She is the founder and owner of Chiknegg, which provides training, consulting, and commercial kitchen space to food entrepreneurs as they move from egg to young chick to fully grown chicken, so to speak, tackling topics such as packaging, marketing, regulation, distribution, and more. The goal is to “Create a supportive environment for your business to launch and grow into a robust, prosperous and professional enterprise.” Additionally, Lisa began the nonprofit RVAg, which provides farmers market venues as well as agriculture and food education. She has now been managing farmers markets for more than 13 years and currently oversees three. She also hosts popups, educational programs, movie screenings, and chef demos, providing education about eating seasonally and locally. If that wasn’t enough, she teaches classes with ServSafe, spreading knowledge about food safety throughout the RVA area and is the Chair of Goochland County’s Economic Development Authority.

Lisa avouches that having her headshots made not only gave her and her businesses a more professional appearance, it made her feel it. The experience made her feel that she was moving a step above where she had previously been in her work. “There was a polish that wasn’t there before,” she says. “It makes you feel differently when you get a headshot done. It raises the level of professionalism that you feel and then you project it.”

Lisa has made excellent use of her images! She wanted a variety of headshots from which to choose, purchasing a handful to populate her website, social media pages, email signature, and when providing public speaking services.

If you want to learn more about Lisa’s work, resources, and events around town, check out her website and

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