Jenni Kirby is a ball of energy! Right out of the gate, she was game to have her portraits taken. Jenni turns 50 in September and she wants to own it! Love her attitude. We had so much fun. We were laughing constantly and it really felt like our very own “Girls Night Out!” I love how vibrant Jenni’s portraits are. You can feel her vivacious personality come through! I also admire what did. Holly is a very talented makeup artist and I am thrilled to be working with her.



Have you checked out Crossroads Art CenterIn 2002, Jenni and fellow artist James Bassfield (Retired) opened the Crossroads Art Center in Richmond, VA. Over the years, the art center has grown to 25,000 square feet and over 225 artists. The Art Center has the broadest selection of art in the Central Virginia Area. With the help of her great staff, she is keeping an already successful business running smoothly.  You can check out all the artists at

Jenni also creates beautiful mosaics. Please check out her work at

Jenni’s dad, Karl Kalber, always told his 7 kids to “Work Hard and Play Hard!”  She strives to live by this motto.

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