Meet Rashida! She is the Center Director of Jenny Craig and here is her story behind the scenes.

Anetra and Holly of the Dream Team met Rashida at a networking event and hit it off immediately. Rashida is the Center Director of Richmond’s Jenny Craig. She also believes in empowering women to feel confident and beautiful. This started a wonderful relationship where we are offering exclusive pricing to Jenny Craig clients in exchange for the opportunity to market there. We wanted Rashida to be the first to experience how we empower women!

We were pleasantly surprised when Rashida said to “mold me like you would like.” Now that takes some confidence! Rashida is full of confidence and spunk. She opted to have all of the Dream Team’s talents take her image to the next level. At every touchpoint, we asked Rashida her personal branding words which are: fun, sexy, confident, sassy and hardworking. I added the word “mischievous” because I saw a little of that in her eyes. First she started off with Anetra Johnson, owner of NeeChic. Anetra and Rashida went shopping ahead of time and found some fantastic outfits that Rashida wouldn’t have picked out herself. That is the magic that Anetra brings. She is always pairing clothes together that the client wouldn’t have thought of and they love it!

On the portrait session day, Brittany Williams of Beauty by Brittany styled Rashida’s hair. Brittany can do many types of hairs and Rashida was happy with the results.  Next Holly of Makeup by Holly applied air brush makeup to Rashida giving her a beautiful glow. Now it was time to turn up the music and starting capturing Rashida’s beauty! 

Rashida was playful and relaxed. She was thoroughly enjoying her session and she was an absolute joy to work with! I love how her portraits turned out. We are hoping to offer this same experience to her Jenny Craig clients.




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