Joni Advent Maher is a woman with a big, gentle, honest heart. She, like me, strongly believes in empowering women. It was a real pleasure to work with someone who is deeply connected to her feminine truth. 

Joni is the founder of Revolutionary Heart.There, wise women can find resources and support to cultivate greater ease and empowerment in their lives and businesses.  As women, many of us feel unable to live our lives on our own terms without apology. We’ve been well conditioned to please others and devalue our wisdom and gifts. It is the challenge of our time to free ourselves from a legacy of self sacrifice and “not enough”. Joni is a trusted guide for women ready to free their voice, stand in their value and create their inspired visions.

I first met Joni at a public event that was all about empowering women. It was called “Beyond Barbie” and Joni was one of the speakers. She impressed me right away. A few years later, I started following her podcasts “Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow” on iTunes. She shares deeply personal conversations with wise, courageous soulful women from around the world who are living life on their terms. Make sure you check out her podcasts.

For Joni’s Personal Branding Session, she wanted to convey warmth, strength, connectedness. We accomplished this by capturing all of her images outdoors because Joni is deeply connected to nature. It was a 2nd location that brought us to the beautiful Salisbury Lake. In the last image, we have Joni enjoying her paddle board. Water was an important element that Joni wanted to include her Personal Branding Portrait session. She conveyed her warmth through vibrant colors in her wardrobe selection which was reinforced in her posing and expressions. 

Credits: Makeup by Holly Beauty Partners | Chic Stripes

Revolutionary Heart's Joni Advent Maher coming through the Willow tree

Revolutionary Heart's Joni Advent Maher

Revolutionary Heart's Joni Advent Maher meditating by a Willow Tree

Revolutionary Heart's Joni Advent Maher holding her heart

Joni Advent Maher relaxing on her kayak