I met the owner Kate Houck of The Jolly Good Flower Company through Jolinda Smithson of Red Orange Slice. Kate hired Red Orange Slice to do her website. I love working with Red Orange Slice as they compliment what I offer to my Branding clients. Here is what they do:

“Make what you stand for stand out.  Bite-size branding for start-ups.”

“We can all handle “bite-sized” help, right!” Read on:

“We respect every small business. We’ve always believed that everyone deserves great design. Though we build and support brands for large companies and organizations, the SLICE mission is to take our remarkable talent and years of experience and apply it to small businesses who need a marketing kickstart.”

The Jolly Good Flower Company flowers really caught my attention! They are so beautiful, soft and elegant. Kate does an awesome job of arranging them and she selects the most beautiful flowers! Read more about what she offers:

“Celebrations and special events are made for flowers. We love to create original, beautiful arrangements to add color, texture and interest to your day. Crafted in the quintessential English tradition, our floral designs capture the textures, colors and beauty of a lush country garden. From subtle single-bud vases to show-stopping installations, we work closely with you to create arrangements that reflect the mood and tone of your event.”

Okay – this is the BEST part! The Jolly Good Flower Company offers a monthly boutique subscription! How amazing is that? And Kate’s flowers last a long time. Kate left some flowers for me and they lasted more than a week. I even photographed them because they inspired me so much. Read more!

“Imagine having fresh, beautiful flowers delivered right to your door every month. The Jolly Good Flower Company chooses an array of blooms and accompanying greens for you to enjoy in your home or office.

“And, as if gorgeous flowers on your doorstep weren’t enough, each bouquet comes with a flower identification cheat sheet to give you arranging tips and tricks as well as interesting facts about your beautiful blooms and greens. All you add is your container and imagination.”

Make sure to check out Kate’s beautiful floral crown! I always wanted to photograph someone with a floral crown and Kate was the perfect subject for it!

Credits: Makeup by Holly Beauty Partners | ChicStripes



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