Recently, Holly Miller (makeup artist pictured above) and I met with the owner of Lex’s of Carytown, Lisa McSherry. This is an amazing, must see store filled with serious eye candy of beautiful gowns and casual clothes. We shared our dream of empowering women of all ages through glamour and helping women memorialize this milestone in their life. Lisa is all about empowering women and she referred us to one of her employees who also happened to have bought a beautiful prom gown. Holly was able to secure Naomi Hazell Foster who did Tyler’s hair. I love how it turned out. Holly did her makeup which accentuated Tyler’s beauty while at the same time putting the age appropriate amount on for a young woman. It all came together so perfectly! Tyler was great to work with. A real professional and she hadn’t even modeled before. We all thought she should model after this experience!

Think about this: When a woman sees a beautiful picture of themselves, it changes them. A picture may seem like a superficial item, but it’s not. It’s proof of their beautiful self no matter what happens during their day…no matter what happens in the future…it is affirming proof of their beautiful, confident and intelligent selves.
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