It is all about the networking…..that is how I had the good fortune of meeting Lisa McSherry and taking her portraits. I love Lex’s of Carytown and just marvel at all the beautiful formal dresses and fun casual wear she has. From getting to know Lisa, I learned she moved Lex’s of Carytown three times and each time she doubled the space. Her current space is a whooping 5,200 square feet. What an inspiration for me as I too want to have my own retail space someday. I was also impressed that Lex’s of Carytown beats out Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue as the #1 place to purchase formal wear in Richmond. Wow! Very impressive and Lisa has done this in under 17 years.Β 

Lisa agreed to have her portrait session video tapped. You will soon be able to see that too and her experience. Lisa also believes in empowering women and liked the idea of doing it through photography!Β 

Thank you so much to:Β Beauty by Brittany (Brittany Williams) 804-296-6476 or Makeup by Holly (Holly Byrd Miller) 804-972-0384; All clothes and accessories from Lex’s of Carytown; Furniture rented from Paisley and Jade. Portrait session was video tapped by SUCCESSWERKS.


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