Dear Body –

Wow! It’s been almost 50 years together and we’ve had quite the time. We traveled the world via trains, planes, and automobiles. We’ve hiked, biked and explored. We’ve eaten at some amazing places too. Yes, we have a lot of good memories together. You’ve been everywhere with me – day and night.

The truth is, most of my life, I’ve loathed you…sometimes I even hated you, feeling like you were a curse instead of the blessing that you are. When I had endometriosis, I thought you were mad at me. I learned early on in my teens that you were not ideal and certainly not perfect. You simply didn’t live up to the impossible standards that were imposed on you.



Despite my huffs/puffs, looks of disdain in the mirror, and words of criticism about you expressed to my friends – you still showed up and gave me your best. You gave me a healthy pregnancy, birthed a healthy child and even gave me my pre-pregnancy body back, and I still did not show you my gratitude. Today, I have a middle age body that loves to bike, photograph, and explore the world.

I know I’ve pushed you to the brink, exhausting myself and still expecting you to perform optimally. Somehow you knew best and persistently requested sleep.

Body, I want you to know, I’ve come to a new, deeper, appreciation for you. I understand now that you too have a consciousness and have been listening in on my conversations – all 1 trillion cells of you. My conversations are changing to one of deep respect, love, and gratitude. I appreciate you taking good care of me and working all my parts together for my daily activities.

That number on the weight scale that I wish was lower (a consistent theme in my life) – I’m not going to worry about it anymore. It is just one number and it will not define me. The numbers I pay attention to are my blood pressure, cholesterol, and overall blood panel. The number on the scale does not need my obsession.



Thank you, Body, for allowing me to efficiently explore the world. I know now that you are perfect for me and I am going to do my best to take the best care of you as we continue our journey together for another 50 years. I LOVE you Body.


You are beautiful & Perfect in Your Own Unique Way.  Believe it…Own It!     

My personal Body Mantra:

I LOVE every part of me

(Pause) Focus on all parts (Pause)


I LOVE and APPROVE of myself, just as I am.


Other Resources:

I recently started following Jameel Jamil’s Instagram post where she is started a movement for us to feel valuable and see how amazing we are, and look beyond the flesh on our bones.  I Weigh

Another great resource is watching the movie Embrace and following the Body Image Movement. Embrace is a heartfelt film made by a mother exploring her own unforgiving self-image in the hope that her exploration will help her daughter avoid such harsh self-judgment. It is 90 minutes long and makes you really think about your own relationship with your body.


Next Steps:

What is your love letter to your body read like? What resources have you found that is helpful to loving your body? Please post those resources in the comment section. One tip that I do is always compliment myself silently when I look in the mirror. I try never to criticize myself anymore, instead, I’ve changed the conversation to be one that is positive and loving.

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