Marilyn is married to one of my favorite people to work with – Ken Wayland. Ken is the president of Free Agents Marketing. We use to work together when I worked for Bon Secours Virginia Health System. I was in marketing and his ad agency implemented (and still does) all of Bon Secours campaigns. Ken always has a smile and a positive attitude. He works hard and sees the potential good in everything. People who work directly for him, say the same thing. I had met Marilyn years ago and only had minor interactions with her. Now that I had the opportunity to interact with Marilyn more, I wish I had had more time with her. She is just as awesome as Ken is! You can see right away why they make a great team and why they’ve been so successful as marriage partners, parents of two beautiful daughters and work partners.Β 

Marilyn was on my “wish list” of people to photograph for a long time. Clearly, you can see her beauty and I also wanted to capture her quiet charisma. And I think we did just that!

If you want to check out Free Agents Marketing or FAM as most people call it – go to Marilyn is also the Chair for the upcoming fundraiser Women, Wine and Shoes on Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014 from 2-5 pm. Proceeds will benefit the Bon Secours for Women. Β It is going to be a fabulous event and one lucky silent auction bidder will win a personalized portrait session with Holly and me.

Thank you to Makeup by Holly for doing Marilyn’s makeup and thank you to Beauty by Brittany for doing Marilyn’s hair. It all came together perfectly!

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