According to Mary Foley, three key factors singled out her experience with Kim Brundage Photography – Preparation, “Wow” Factor and Quality Return on Investment.

In the world of digital marketing, first impressions are consistently formed before two people even meet. A powerful tool in facilitating that first impression is imagery. Mary Foley understood the power of images to enhance and communicate her brand, which is why she booked a branding session with our team.

Mary had very specific goals entering this process. She was in the process of updating her web presence and wanted updated images to illustrate her business. Our preparation process really made a lasting impression on Mary. She’d never experienced our level of detail to prepare for a photo session. She really enjoyed having a wardrobe consultant. Bringing a third party into her closet opened her eyes to possibilities she never knew were there. She discovered new outfits and rediscovered how to wear her clothes and accessories in ways she’d never thought of.

The excitement over her new wardrobe discoveries created a feeling of anticipation on the day of her photo shoot. Mary couldn’t wait to model her new looks, and even confessed that she continues to wear many of these looks today. Upon arrival the day of the shoot, the presence of our makeup artist gave Mary a sense of calm. She felt taken care of. Our team listened to her needs and responded in kind, further increasing her trust and confidence in us.

By the time Mary reached me for her photographs, she was ready to have some fun and show her personality on camera. The preparation that went into the day allowed her to let go and enjoy her photo shoot to the fullest. She described our preparation process as unique. It is what puts you at ease on ‘game day.’

When the time came to review her photographs, Mary experienced her first “wow” factor. She was so impressed with the outcome of her photographs, she felt inspired to be her best self. Her photos did such a great job of depicting who she was and who she wanted to be, she felt the need to live up to them. Mary described this as an unexpected gift she received from us – a priceless gift.

When considering a branding session, Mary admitted that is was indeed, an investment. But, an investment is something you receive a return on, and this was no different. She has used her various images so frequently in her marketing, it has already paid for itself. She even had an instance where someone commented on one of her images and remarked, “whatever you’re selling, I’m buying.” This no doubt confirmed that her investment was worth every penny. Her images not only created a magnetic pull for future clients, but more importantly, the right clients.

Makeup Artist: Makeup by Holly; Holly Byrd Miller | Hair Stylist: Beauty by Brittany; Brittany Williams | Wardrobe Stylist: NeeChic

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