When a client comes to Kim Brundage Photography, they don’t just get a photographer. Rather, there is a team (to which I lovingly refer as the Dream Team) dedicated entirely to making sure that the client is prepped and perfect for his or her photoshoot. Meet Latoya Brown. She is the owner and founder of Fashionfluential, a personal styling service based in Richmond, VA., and one of the invaluable professionals on my Dream Team.


As a child, she was a creative, an artist, and always making things. From early on, she saw that as a painter has paint, she would have clothes. They would be her medium. “I love telling stories with clothing,” she says, adding that she can truly connect with who a person is in this way.

Latoya attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and from there, began a career styling for photoshoots, New York Fashion Week, and the like. Having grown up in Richmond, she was eventually ready to return home and, when considering what she wished to pursue, knew that she wanted to incorporate her business knowledge with the her fashion industry experience, and so two years ago, Fashionfluential was born.

When she’s not styling her clients, she partners with me during my Personal Branding sessions. The wardrobe plays a critical role in Personal Branding efforts and it’s important to create consistency regarding brand voice, brand colors, what you wear, how you show up, and how you feel when you show up. Latoya says (and I agree!) that if you put that much care and detail behind your branding, your clients can tell and that it can have a significant impact on your business. Wardrobe styling is just a piece of that larger puzzle, but Latoya has seen sales increase and deals close when the right attention is paid to this component. She’s excellent at understanding what someone wants to convey about themselves and their brand, honing in on those qualities right away.

Latoya’s role as the wardrobe stylist for my Personal Branding sessions begins several weeks before the actual photo session. She will discuss with the client their branding words and other points from their initial branding session with me and from there, she will plan a time to visit the client’s home where the two of them will go through their closet, choosing items best suited to convey what it is they want to show through their brand. More often than not, the client already has everything they need, but in some cases, a shopping trip is made to collect additional pieces. It’s largely the client’s vision because, Latoya says, “I don’t want them to lose who they are.” However, because there’s a science behind the art of wardrobe styling including color tone and geometry, she is there to adjust and approve of the choices.

The most enjoyable part of her work, she says, is the transformation that it creates for people. “I see how it impacts someone’s life or really turns their mindset or gets them excited about just getting up in the morning…Seeing that switch in their life has really been fulfilling.”

I’m honored to have Latoya on my team and I love the work she does with my clients. Stay tuned because in the coming weeks I’ll be sharing her wardrobe Dos and Don’ts!

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