Midas of Richmond: a one-stop shop for brakes, oil changes, tires, and full auto repairs. They are well-known and highly rated for their services, but that’s not all. Mark Smith, owner of four of Richmond’s Midas locations, spearheads community efforts that positively affect people and organizations widespread in our area. From FeedMore and the Central Virginia Food Bank to Shalom Farms, St. Joseph’s Villa, and Virginia Blood Services, they work to give back to the community through their business and are now featuring their female team leaders in their most recent photoshoot. Read more about how Midas of Richmond gives back, plus how photos for your business will help it grow.

When asked what inspires him to make these efforts, Mark says, “My parents divorced when I was little. I was the youngest of four, and my mom moved me and my three sisters to a small mobile home park in rural North Carolina. She would buy a gallon of milk, separate it into four gallon jugs, fill them with water, and that was our milk for the week. We weren’t poor, and were never chronically hungry, but I learned pretty early about stretching money when times are tight to try and feed a family. There are over 53,000 kids here in Central Virginia who are growing up a lot poorer than I did and may not eat today. I have a problem with that, and our team has worked hard to have a platform to address it.”

In addition to helping the aforementioned populations in our community, Midas of Richmond has made it a point to support women. Mark realized that almost 60% of clients in this field are women and that they would likely feel better about a safe way to get about their day while their car is in the shop. Though still building their fleet, they have over two dozen loaner cars between their four locations. They also have a program, MOR2YD (Midas of Richmond to Your Door) that delivers a loaner to you, takes your car to Midas to be serviced, and then returns it when it’s done.

As if all of that weren’t enough, Mark has big plans for his newest location – currently under renovation in Scott’s Addition. “We want this to be a space about community, learning, making an impact…and by the way we’ll change your oil, too,” Mark told me. It will feature a relaxing lounge, a meeting space for neighborhood groups, and an open concept library.

Part of the reason Mark feels this commitment (and how I got involved) is through his leadership team, many of whom are women. He asked me to spend the day with them, talking about personal branding, taking headshots for them to use at Midas and for networking, and staging some fun and creative team photos. “Women feed their families. They nurse sick kids, they tutor their sons and daughters, they’re leaders in our communities, and yes, they get their cars worked on. The terrific women on my Midas team are really the ones driving all of this, I’m extremely fortunate to have them, and I’m looking for more,” he told me.

I asked Mark where all of this comes from, and he pointed to a sign that simply read “6 X 18.” He explained, “There’s six inches of brain between my ears. It’s 18 inches from my brain to my heart. If my heart doesn’t own an idea, my head never will. Between that 6 and 18, I found the intersection of my intellect, my curiosity, my passions. That’s where I live, and what drives me as a dynamic change agent. You need to find your 6 X 18.”


After spending the day with Mark, Patty, Julie, Heather, and the rest of the Midas team, I have no doubt that Midas of Richmond provides a valuable service to our community, even if you don’t drive a car.

Just as there’s huge benefit to having personal branded images, having professional photos for your business has extensive benefits, too, and Midas of Richmond is leading the way.


Here are 3 benefits of having professional images of your business:


  • Customers want to know you!: By showcasing the faces behind the business, customers and potential customers are better able to connect to you. Particularly for an organization like Midas of Richmond who is so deeply involved with the community, tearing those walls down between service and client is of huge importance.
  • Better Web-Presence: Having images on your site affects your SEO (search engine optimization) and puts you or your business at the top of the list for Google searches. There are many elements to SEO, but having optimized images is a big one.
  • Photos are Content: Having a variety of images in your toolbox will come in handy in more ways than one. You can populate your website with engaging material; you can build your brand on social media; you can provide images for articles and blog posts; you can use the professional images for promotional materials. The list goes on!

As a strong supporter of both women in business and community outreach, I was thrilled to work with Midas of Richmond in showcasing the women on their team. If you have any questions or are interested in having photos taken of your business, reach out and let’s talk!