The branding of “Me, Inc.” can be daunting. Here are some resources I’ve used and found helpful in growing my business. 

Red Orange Studio and Slice

Red Orange Studio and Slice offers bite-sized branding for startups. Red Orange Slice is a tech-savvy creative agency providing brand creation, graphic design, and marketing solutions.

Contact: Jolinda Smithson
Featured blog: Kate Houck, The Jolly Good Flower Company

The Social Ginger

The Social Ginger specializes in social media platforms and public relations, offering clients a perpetual presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Contact: Shannon Loy
Featured blog: 6 Ways to Boost your Brand using Social Media

CBM Business Consulting

CBM Business Consulting offers expertise in utilizing LinkedIn to the fullest capability and guiding business owners to improve business operations and increase their productivity.

Contact: Cheryl Matt
Featured blog: The LinkedIn Trifecta for Getting Noticed

Mary Foley (Consultant)

Mary is an entrepreneur business coach specializing in energizing women’s careers and business events. Not only can she help inspire you, she’s an amazing key-note speaker.

Contact: Mary Foley
Featured blog: Mary Foley’s Branding Session


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