Holly Miller (a very talented Makeup Artist) and I are excited to be offering Glamour Photography and we know how much you like to dress up! We also know you may not have a Glamour dress just hanging in  your closet. So we went around to some of our favorite stores (Tunic Consignment) and bought a few beautiful dresses and accessories. We were lucky to have Taylor Saunders model for us. Here is a look at the dresses you can rent. Please inquire about rental prices. You can mix it up and bring pieces from your own wardrobe. Glamour Sessions are limited to 3 outfits changes.

http://www.makeupbyhollyb.com/; Model: Taylor Saunders

KimBrundagePhotography_TSaunders1402_113-copy KimBrundagePhotography_TSaunders1402_127-copy KimBrundagePhotography_TSaunders1402_130-copy KimBrundagePhotography_TSaunders1402_172-copy KimBrundagePhotography_TSaunders1402_223-copy KimBrundagePhotography_TSaunders1402_293-copy KimBrundagePhotography_TSaunders1402_297-copy KimBrundagePhotography_TSaunders1402_313-copy KimBrundagePhotography_TSaunders1402_326-copy KimBrundagePhotography_TSaunders1402_338-copy KimBrundagePhotography_TSaunders1402_343-copy KimBrundagePhotography_TSaunders1402_352-copy KimBrundagePhotography_TSaunders1402_500-copy


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