R.J. Landin Loderick came to me for her Personal Branding Session because she said “Kim Brundage Photography” kept coming up. I love hearing that and gives my potential clients credibility about my services. 

Have a Ball Style and Design is owned by R.J. Landin Loderick and she wanted to update her Personal Branding portraits to reflect her high energy, creativity, bright colors and playfulness. R.J. is also President of the IFDA’s local chapter and needed to have strong personal branding images to use for her leadership profile. 

R.J. first worked with Sydney Lester of Chic Stripes to determine her outfits and what would coordinate best with the natural props she would be using. After I receive the her outfit selections, I then determine the backdrops and the flow of the 5 sets we will be working through. I knew I needed to pull out my brightly colored backdrops for R.J.’s Personal Branding Session. I have old closet doors that we painted a pretty turquoise and I have a painterly backdrop that goes with most things. Chic Stripes has been a valuable resource on the set for color theory and coordination of outfits. I appreciate her eye for detail. Makeup by Holly gave R.J. a bold lip color to top off her look and put a some flair in hair to reinforce that professional and playful feel. 

Props – R.J. brought family photos, she paid for a big, beautiful floral arrangement and she brought her favorite stool. What was really fun was that R.J. brought her funky reading glasses as well. She was willing to dance, give different facial expressions and just be playful. R.J. rolled with all that was requested of her. Event planners know how to roll well with what comes at them!

I love that my clients walk away with a strong bank of images to use, interchange and that these images of multiple uses. It is an important marketing investment and one that may seem daunting at first but the images are good for a few years and with the multiple ways of using them, the images more than pay for themselves. Plus the intangible gift my clients receive is an increase in confidence even from my most confident clients. That really helps my clients connect better with their community, make those fear based decisions and be their best going forward! 

Credits: Makeup by Holly | Chic Stripes