It was a beautiful day and Ruth was rushing to her portrait session after dropping off her children. Like everyone that is getting their portraits taken, she was nervous. Ruth hadn’t had her portraits taken for awhile and she wasn’t quite sure what to expect. She had seen her friend Dr. Leslie Cohen’s portraits and was impressed enough to have her portraits done as well. Ruth wanted to have her Personalized Portraits done for her new website and social media. 

Ruth was well prepared. She had her five outfits all laid out after meeting with Joanna Avant, Wardrobe Consultant. They selected items from Ruth’s closet that supported her lawyer side and then her consultant side. Ruth wanted to convey “confident, approachable, and professional.” I love the clothes and textures Joanna and Ruth picked out. 

Ruth had her hair and makeup done by Brittany Stagg of Beauty by Brittany. Ruth has such beautiful blonde curly hair to play with. Ruth wanted her makeup done naturally and was pleased with Brittany’s artistry.  

After Ruth had a few images taken and I showed how they were turning out from the back of the camera. Ruth was excited her images were turning out so well. This is a very typical response in my studio. You see a beautiful woman and think how can she take a bad picture. But you know all of us have had a bad picture experience. That experience clouds our future pictures. This is why I study posing and lighting all the time! There is a very specific recipe that needs to followed and it depends on a person’s height, body type and lighting. 

In the end, you can see her portraits turned out amazing! Ruth loves her images and bought prints for her husband and parents. I am so glad Ruth will have a printed daily reminder of her beautiful, strong self. And guess what? So will her husband, children and everyone else that will gaze upon portrait. 

Most women stay behind the camera and don’t have many images of themselves, especially good ones. You don’t need a milestone to celebrate you or a reason to get in front of a professional lens. You will be glad you did!


KimBrundagePhotography_RichmondVA_Ruth Greene Portrait

KimBrundagePhotography_RichmondVA_Ruth Greene Portrait

KimBrundagePhotography_RichmondVA_Ruth Greene Portrait

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