Patrick Carroll, of Sandler Training contacted me because he saw my work on LinkedIn. Mike Carroll, his father also wanted to contact me because we met from a Executive Forum networking meeting. I think it was all supposed to come together. I am so glad it did! Patrick and Mike are a real joy to work with and have a sincere passion for their Sandler training. 

Sandler Training offers Sales and Sales Management Consulting and Training to help teams and entrepreneurs win more business all over the world. They have a proven formula for success that offers clients a tailored focus to business development.

Patrick and Mike wanted updated personal branding images that they could use in multiple ways. Their Sandler Franchise, Focus Business Development, Inc., has been in business for over 17 years and they felt their brand needed a serious make over. Their previous images were outdated and they were ready to get professional images that captured their passion for helping people succeed in the modern business world. 

I met Patrick and Mike at their Sandler Training office and was impressed with their training room. They had a myriad of props, books and inspirational quotes around their room. They also have American flags proudly displayed. We talked about different photo sets, backdrops and ways we incorporate their props. I really wanted to use a kid’s bike to demonstrate David Sandler’s legacy “You can’t teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar.”  That really resonated with me as I am sure it does with others because we’ve all been sent to a seminar expected to learn some great pearl of wisdom and immediately be able to apply it when we return. It usually is not that simple and we end up feeling frustrated and reverting back to what we’re comfortable doing.

Sandler training consultants, Mike and Patrick have a strong tie to competition and football so we made sure to get the football into a few sets. Football is such an enthusiastic passion for many and I wanted to offer the viewer something quick they could connect with Mike and Patrick over. I am proud of the first image because that was captured straight in camera – no Photoshop magic was necessary.

Lastly Patrick and Mike wanted to include their administrative assistant, Kathy, for her updated headshot. She’s been an integral part of their team for a year now, and is one of the main reasons for their continued growth and ability to enhance customer experience.  

Credits: Makeup by Holly Beauty Partners | Chic Stripes for wardrobe

Patrick does a great job of using his “negative space” to customize his message. He told me that his LinkedIn engagement has hit new impressive numbers and it is starting to translate to new business.

Patrick Carroll uses his Personal Branding images to promote Sandler Training

Sandler sales training and personal branding with Patrick Carroll

Sandler sales trainer Patrick Carroll demonstrates the football

What does Success mean to you? Mike Carroll, Sandler sales training

Father and son Sandler team

The famous Sandler pose as demonstrated by Patrick Carroll

Let's play football with the Carroll men

Patrick Carroll wearing Sandler brand colors

Sandler Headshot for Mike Carroll

Sandler Headshot for Patrick Carroll

Patrick Carroll Headshot for Sandler

Football is an important part of the Sandler metaphors and a personal meaning to Mike Carroll

The Sandler pose by Mike Carroll

You can't teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar by Sandler

Patrick shows Sandler training works online and with a text book

Sandler Admin Kathy