Being confident is an attitude. It’s an angle — a part of who you are. Your job is to be yourself. Our job is to bring out the best in you. With years of experience in posing, angles, lenses and lighting, we’ve found what works for others – and for you, too! A Personal Branding session is a comprehensive experience for which I am proud to say we cover all of the bases. With the help of my Dream Team, the client will receive camera-ready makeup, hair styling, as well as wardrobe consultation. The client has a team behind them, guaranteeing that they look and feel their best as they step in front of the camera where I will capture their essence, their personality, and their beauty.

PK Ewing found me through The Social Ginger, a social media guru and former client of mine (Hello networking!), because he needed images to best represent himself and his nonprofit, Take Point Now. We quickly realized that the Personal Branding session was perfect for him, to showcase a variety of his positions and interests as well as fill the needs he had regarding marketing collateral, updating his website, and social media. He and his business partner, Lynn Hammonds, were kind enough to be videotaped throughout their session and I am thrilled to share the final product with you. If you ever wondered what a Personal Branding session looks like, give this a play and hear from the clients themselves about how they felt during their experience.



If you want to learn more about the process or are interested in scheduling a session, reach out here!

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