Personal Branding Portraits

5 images • $1,495
10 images • $1,895
15 images • $2,495

Additional images can be purchased a la carte.

This is perfect for the entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to take their brand and their business to the next level.

  • 1 hour for a pre-branding consult to discuss your brand.
  • Includes 1-hour pre-wardrobe styling and onsite wardrobe assistance.
  • Professional hairstyling.
  • Camera-ready makeup.
  • High-resolution images.
  • Customized 90 minutes to 2-hour portrait session.
  • All selected images come with a web-ready version for use in social media.
  • All images are professionally edited.
  • Images are ready in 1-2 weeks.

Additional Options: 

  • Location Fee $300
  • 1-3 minute Branding Video by Enso Media $600

Social Media Portfolio Party


This is perfect when you are active on several social media platforms and want your personal profile images to be the most effective. Or, when you are ready to extend your brand (you!) into social media posts.

Before Appointment:

  •  Wardrobe Guideline document to help you prepare.
  • 15-minute pre-wardrobe consult with Latoya Brown of Fashionfluential for 2 outfits.
  • 15-minute pre-branding consult with Kim Brundage before the Social Media Portfolio party to discuss how you want to use your social media profile images. Kim will use this to create your customized shot list.

Day Of:

  • Hairstyling.
  • Camera Ready Makeup.
  • On-site Wardrobe Stylist to make sure everything looks tip-top.
  • 3 Images from 2 Outfits to give you different looks.



This is perfect for your tween or teen wants to have images that convey beauty, confidence, and style. They will have fun taking them, too!

  • 1-hour wardrobe consultation to pick three outfits with accessories.
  • Professional hairstyling – two hairstyles.
  • Camera-ready makeup that is naturally done.
  • 90 minutes to a two-hour portrait session.
  • Teen/Tween is required to write a brief essay on what they think the relationship is between beauty and confidence.
  • Images are ready for review in one week.
  • Images are sold separately starting at $150 for an 8x10 and smaller.
  • Canvas Prints are available

Headshot Parties


This Party is perfect for quickly and easily updating your headshot so you immediately project competence, professionalism, and confidence.

  •  Includes camera-ready makeup, hair, and wardrobe styling for one outfit.
  • Includes one profile sized image.