Other photographers take pictures. I help my clients create images to give them more impact and more results in the marketplace. My clients are leaders, entrepreneurs, go-getters who are making a difference and invest in themselves.

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Payment terms: I ask for 100% up front on my services, which allows me to commit my time to you and begin the pre-work necessary for you to have an amazing experience and set of images. Also, I engage my “Dream Team” to begin working on your behalf. In other words, there is a lot of pre-work that goes into your session! Hence my asking for 100% up front. I also do charge sales tax for my services. (Sorry! The government requires me to do so.)

Cancellations: You can cancel your service up to 48 hours of the appointment and get a refund, minus any credit card payment fees.

Rescheduling: Let me know at your earliest convenience if you need to reschedule your session. We’ll settle on a new day/time that works for us.

Single Headshot/Anchor Image Session Pricing: Most of my headshots are done during my Headshot Parties, which I offer multiple times during the year. But if the timing for the Party doesn’t work for you, we can schedule a session at my studio. There is a small price increase for having a dedicated session with me of $50.00, bringing the price to $445.00.

Additional Options: I try to bundle all my costs into one fair price for you to keep it easy for you. (Nobody likes to be nickeled and dimed.) With that said, many of my clients like to add additional services. We’ll go over additional options during the time of booking, but here are a few that many of my clients like to add:

      • Additional images (beyond what you’ve paid for): $150 per image
      • Additional subjects in the photos (such as business partners): $750 additional per person
      • On location: A flat rate of $300 for locations outside my studio in the Richmond metro area
      • Eyelashes $10 paid directly to Makeup by Holly


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