I first met Susan at the Beyond Barbie series she organized and led. Susan is an amazing woman, artist and friend. Please check out her work at www.susansinger.com 

After Susan and I connected at Beyond Barbie,  we started to meet regularly to coach each other on our artistic dreams and ambitions and to hold each other accountable. I’ve never done anything like this before and it has been very impactful as I sort out how I can empower women to feel more confident and beautiful. 

Given all the projects Susan is working on, I knew she would need professional portraits done – one for the jacket of  her upcoming book as well as some for posters for speaking engagements and gallery openings so I broached the subject with her. At first Susan was reluctant to have her portrait taken as so many of us are. After some discussion, we set a date and collaborated about how we would make sure to capture her inner self as much as her outer self. 

Susan has a lot of natural beauty and chooses not to wear makeup. She has created a whole series of paintings of female nudes of all sizes, shapes, ages, and races, and believes strongly that women are beautiful exactly how they are.  She loves women’s natural beauty and prefers that look for herself as well.  To stay true to her values around looking authentic, Susan chose a natural look for her makeup.  

Makeup by Holly did a great job of applying this “natural makeup” look. 

For the photo shoot, I first gave Susan cues which helped her center and feel comfortable.  After that, she  broke loose and got playful.  We even incorporated her amazing art that will be available at Crossroads Art Center starting November 15, 2014 as well as at Hill Gallery on Robinson the end of February, 2015. We had so much fun playing! 

This was the first time I captured an artist and I hope I get to do more portraits like these! 

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