I first met Cheryl Matt at the Network of Enterprising Women. Cheryl is passionate about helping other people grow their small business. One example of that is through their having a compelling LinkedIn page. Did you know that every second, two new people join LinkedIn? Or that there are more than 500 million LinkedIn users across the world? LinkedIn is where people expect you to share your business information vs. Facebook which is more socially driven. If you want to learn more about the compelling reasons you should have a strong LinkedIn Trifecta, check out this link LinkedIn by the Numbers. Cheryl helped me achieve the LinkedIn Trifecta.  


In LinkedIn, your name, your picture and your headline follow you everywhere you go so they are especially important components of your profile. These three components also play a crucial role in SEO by improving your ability to found by potential clients, employers and others who may be searching for you, or someone like you. Keep these tips in mind when adding these sections to your profile.


#1. Professional Photo – You must have a photo. Including a photo makes you 14 times more likely to be found on LinkedIn. People want to do business with people, so a photo is a must have for your profile. You should have a professional photo that shows you are confident, successful, and trustworthy. Make sure to check out Kim’s Headshot Parties which are held every other month.


#2. Name – Only list your first and last name – don’t put anything else in the name field because it may affect your searchability. Use the same exact name as you use on all your marketing collateral. (Business Cards, Brochures, Website, Other Social Media Platforms). If you have a difficult to spell name, you may want to add a section somewhere near the end of your online profile called Common Misspellings of My Name: and list the misspellings. That way, when someone misspells your name when searching for you, they will be more likely to find you.


#3. Headline – Your headline is extremely important because it is your first impression to the readers of your posts. Create a headline that captures your target market’s attention, is compelling and unique and it encourages them to check out your profile. Your headline defaults from your current job title, but you should change it and make it more interesting, compelling and memorable. It should be a shortened version of your summary that tells who you are and what problems you solve in less than 180 characters. When people find you in searches or read your posts, they see your photo and your headline. Help people understand how you can help the by including a benefit related statement or a list of your specialties. Whatever you choose for your headline, make it something searchable that will help people who are looking for your product or service find you. The headline ranks high in terms of Google search so include critical keywords. Use the Google Keyword Planner to find appropriate highly searched words on Google. Separate keywords with symbols, commas or a vertical line. Your headline also shows up frequently throughout key LinkedIn locations such as: Search Results, Connection Invitations, Employee Listings, Company Pages and Messages.


Use the “LinkedIn Trifecta” to put your best foot forward and make your profile more searchable. If you are interested in a free profile review, connect with Cheryl on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/cherylmatt or send Cheryl an email: Cheryl@CBMBusinessConsulting.com


Cheryl Matt works with growing businesses and busy professionals in the Richmond, Virginia area to improve business operations and increase productivity. With over 25 years of operations, project management and training experience, she uses her wealth of knowledge and strategies to help her clients with strategic planning, goal achievement, identification and elimination of operational issues and improved productivity, an educator at heart, she also conducts on-site business operations, productivity and LinkedIn workshops.

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