In a Forrester report, 59% of buyers prefer to do research online instead of interacting with a sales rep because the rep pushes a sales agenda rather than helps solve a problem. People love to buy, but hate to be sold to. Enter Patrick Carroll and his father, Mike Carroll. They are the team behind Focus Business Development, Inc., and are passionate about making the selling process easy and conversational. I’ve attended their workshops and found them very helpful for my business. Selling is an important skill to master, as there are times when we are all salespeople, even if our jobs don’t spell out “sales director.” Check out these three ways to sell more easily as well as Patrick’s upcoming workshops listed at the end!

People love to buy,

but hate to be sold to.

1. First Impressions Matter: People see you before they hear you.

Many of our first impressions of people are not in person these days, they’re online. Sales are inherently human and centered around emotion and trust. Trust starts upfront, and not just in person. Keep your photos up to date and relevant. That means don’t crop your better half from an Instagram photo. Invest in some professional headshots to make sure you are making the right first impression!

Kims’ Note: For more information on our headshot process watch this video: or schedule a corporate (group) headshot session or an individual appointment.

2. Get Systematic.

One of the reasons why buyers would rather research online instead of interacting with a sales rep is because they don’t have a process. The most common sales model out there is S.O.P. – Seat of Pants, and most sales frustrations for both buyers and sellers are a result of sales process deficiencies. For instance, a closing problem is rarely because of poor presentation or closing skills. It’s often symptomatic of qualification and value issues earlier in the sales process. Consider how buyers buy, or how you buy for that matter. Define your ideal sales process from taking a prospect from ‘Hello’ to ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and map out the steps.

3. Separation is in the Preparation.

Sales is a slight edge business and the lifeblood of business. The difference between success and failure is razor thin and is why Pre-Call Planning is a valuable habit to develop. To maximize the potential of your next sales meeting prepare for the following…What are the main objectives and expectations for the call? How will you build rapport with the prospect and what’s their behavioral style? What should we bring to the meeting? What questions will the prospect ask, and what are the responses? What questions do we need to ask? What are the potential next steps? Don’t forget to spend a few extra minutes to research the internet and social (just like your prospects) to learn all you can about your prospective buyers.  



Implement these 3 simple tips to be different and stand out from the typical sales rep, and separate from the competition to sell more, and sell more easily.

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Upcoming opportunities to get involved:  

• Crash a Sandler Sales Foundations Class – Thursday April 12th or 19th at 9:30am.

• The next Sandler Sales Foundations Class session (10 classes) begins Thursday May 3rd.

• Come to our Business Owner Masterclass – Secrets to Successful Sales Management on Tuesday April 24th at 11am.


About Patrick Carroll:

Patrick Carroll loves to sell and train people how to sell with the appropriate attitudes, techniques and behavior plans. He’s been working in the Sandler Training global network out of Richmond since 2008. His favorite part of the training industry is to witness clients fight through comfort zones and bad habits, growing and prospering to reach new levels of success. He enjoys consulting with prospects and clients to fully understand their world with a proper diagnosis to co-create and deliver training solutions that will truly drive results and lasting behavior change. Growing up in the Sandler Training network has allowed him to pursue his passion and fascination with rhetoric and communication, technology and sales psychology. His responsibilities within the training firm are entrenched in Sales, Marketing & Training Delivery, and his philosophy of business is to Help People, Have Fun and Make Money!