We all do it….we all measure ourselves up to other women, especially the women in the magazines. What would be like to have that body…..have their beauty? And then I started photographing and I noticed the beauty in everything and as time has gone on, what I thought might be ordinary, I saw the beauty, the uniqueness in each person. For many years, I had in the back of mind my desire to photograph a woman in my neighborhood. She doesn’t wear much make up and she is usually busy running here and thereย with her family. I saw her inherent beauty and wanted to show her what I see. So I collaborated with a talented Make-up Artist “Makeup by Holly” Her website is www.makeupbyhollyb.comย Holly did a great job ofย accentuating her natural beauty. We then reviewed wardrobe ideas and determined 3 outfits. We set the date and these are the results. It is so nice when a vision comes together!


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